Карточки для развития навыков в словообразовании при подготовке учащихся к ГИА 9 класс

Step by step to the exam.

9 класс

Карточки для развития навыков в словообразовании при подготовке учащихся к ГИА – 9.

Составила: Дрожжина Валентина Николаевна

учитель английского языка

«МОУ Гимназия №2» г.Саратова.

Для успешной сдачи государственной итоговой аттестации в новой форме (ГИА – 9) на уроках английского языка обучающиеся выполняют различные задания для развития , закрепления и контроля навыков словообразования. Предлагаю Вам варианты таких карточек.

Match the words on the left and the endings on the right.

1.favour a. –ing

2.understand b.-ite

3 .novel c.-ship

4.relation d.-ist

5.impress e.-ful

6.beauty f.-ive

1.care a.- ion

2.rely b.-ful

3.relate c.-ler

4.encourage d.-able

5.travel e.-ing

6.camp f.-ment

1.king a.-ing

2.brother b.-tic

3.interest c.-dom

4.collect d.-hood

5.friend e.- ion

6.drama f.-ly

1.shoot a.-ment

2.teach b.-ing

3.wonder с.-ness

4.hope d.-er

5.achieve e.-ful

6.kind f.-less

1.cross a.-ly

2.frighten b.-ful

3.exhibit c.-ous

4.danger d.-ing

5.harm e.-ion

6.polite f.-ed

Write the appropriate words derived from the words in brackets.

  1. The weather changes every day. It’s so ______ (change).

  2. Our planet needs _________(protect).

  3. Children have a lot of ___________ in the summer camp.(entertain)

  4. The custom officer asked me to ________ my suitcase and started examining it. (pack)

  5. Passengers have to fill in the________ form when they transport valuable goods. (declare)

  1. The instructor told the tourists to take all necessary ___________ with them. (equip)

  2. The airhostess was absolutely _________ and rude. (polite)

  3. The governors must take __________ decisions to be respected by the people.(fair)

  4. Addison on is a world-known __________ (to invent).

  5. One of the most ___________ things is human’s life. (value)

  1. Conflicts may lead to bad ________ and violence. (relate)

  2. The __________ of St. Petersburg is very beautiful.(architect)

  3. My parents are fond of __________ (to travel).

  4. You must listen to the teacher ____________ to avoid mistakes.(attentive)

  5. Jack’s ___________ had a great success among students.(present)

  1. Mary’s homework was ____________ prepared.(careful)

  2. Nick enjoys _________ walks in the park in the evening.(day)

  3. Let’s go to the concert! It’ll be a _____________ show.(wonder)

  4. There are a lot of ___________ in London.(attract)

  5. My sister feels ___________ when she is ill.(disappoint)

  1. The story was very __________ .(bore)

  2. Ivanhoe” is a famous _________ novel by Walter Scott.(history)

  3. My friend always recites poems ___________.(brilliant)

  4. I like ___________ stories very much.(mystery)

  5. Now Earth Day is celebrated ____________ around the Globe.(annual)

  1. My uncle has a huge ____________ of coins.(collect)

  2. He went to Paris last month. The ___________ in the hotel was fine.(accommodate)

  3. The man whistled and his dog came __________ to him.(obedient)

  4. We __________ visit our grandparents during holidays.(usual)

  5. It was ________ to find the way in the darkness.(possible)

  1. Shop __________ decorated his shop with holly, candles and colourful balls for Christmas.(own)

  2. In this part of the country the sun shines _________ all round the year.(bright)

  3. It was an__________ trip to London! (amaze)

  4. A lot of conflicts threaten peace and make living in these places _________.(danger)

  5. It’s worth taking part in any contests and ___________.(compete)

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