Конспект урока для 11 класса «Cinema. Actors and actresses»

План – конспект урока по теме

«Cinema. Actors and actresses»

по УМК В.П. Кузовлева, 11 класс

учитель английского языка

МОУ СОШ №35 г. Саранска

Горбатова А.П.

Задачи урока:

  1. Отработать навыки устной речи по теме: «Кино. Актеры и актрисы».

  2. Проконтролировать уровень развития речевых умений по теме.

  3. Развитие способности к анализу, синтезу и систематизации


Киноафиши, тематическая картина, слайды с фотографиями любимых артистов.

Ход урока:

1. Организационный момент

Good morning, boys and girls.-Sit down. I am glad to see you. It’s pleasant that we are together again. Today we’ll speak about cinema and discuss some problems about it.

2. Фонетическая зарядка:

Listen to me and pronounce some words after me. Pay attention to the pronunciation of the following words:

an actor, an actress ,a star, a cast, a producer, a screen, a show, a ticket, a plot, an editor, a genre, a director, a backstage, a fear, an aggression, a cartoon, a screen, a powerful impression.

3 Речевая зарядка:

a) Answer my questions:

1) What do you know about cinema?

2) How often do you go to the cinema?

3) How do you like to see films at a cinema or on TV?

4) Which do you like better: feature or documentary films?

5) Who is your favorite film actor or actress?

6) What films do you like best?

7) What row do you usually sit in the cinema?

8) What do you feel about horror films?

9) Do you collect the pictures of film stars?

10) What film is on at the «Luch» today?

11) What people are involved in film making?

12) What was the name of the last film you saw?

b) Translate into Russian:

an adaption of the novel, an action film, a feature film, a documentary, to staff, to grab, to yawn, roles to die, to be keen on, to be crazy about, to be fond of to have a particular fondness for, the acting is brilliant, to make up our mind, a powerful impression

4. Let us compete on the theme:

a) «Who is the best film expert ?» Yesterday I saw a good film, but I can’t remember the name of the actress staring in the film. She sings very well and looks pretty. It’s the same actress that stars in « Carnival Night».

-P. It’s Lyudmila Gurchenko.

-T. Oh, yes, I see you are good film experts.

b) What about having a contest? Who knows the cinema best?

Team A

Team B


Who is the actress?

She stars in the film

« Office Romance».


She is Alice Freindlich.

And what is the name of the film? It ends with the sсences of the storing of Berlin?


It’s « Liberation», the film tells us about the life of the people of Leningrad during the Great Patriotic War.


It’s « Blockade».


Who stars in the film «Кавказская пленница»?


Many film stars play in this film. They are: Yuri Nikulin,, George Vitsyn, Eugine Morgunov, Natalia Varlei.

And by whom was the script written?


The script was written by Kotyukovsky, Slobodskoi & Gaidai, isn’t it?


The producers of the film are L. Gaidai and Bityokov. They are talented.


It’s K. Brovin.

And what can you say about the composer and the sound effects man?


The composer is Zatsepin and the sound effects man is Krachkovsky.

-What can you say obout the work of the make – up girl Matyushkina?


All film stars have a splendid sight.

-And who is the director of this funny film?


It’s Freidin.

Now I see that you are really good film experts. Thank you fоr this interesting discussion.

5. Работа с текстом (контроль прочитанного дома текста).


1) Repeat the words after me

2) Read the text in a whisper.

3) Let’s read the text.


Now translate the statements into Russian (сильные учащиеся книги закрывают, а слабые пользуются книгой).

1. I’ve just seen «War and Peace» on the screen.

2. What a wonderful and profound film it is.

3. The film produces a wonderful impression.

c) Translate, please, into English.

  1. Фильм был интересен для меня от начала до конца.

  2. Фильм был снят с большим мастерством.

  3. Состав исполнителей был прекрасен, превосходный.

  4. Она не просто играет, а живёт в роли.

  5. Мне нравится Тихонов в роли Балконского.

  6. Любителям кино понравится фильм.

d) Answer my questions, please.

1) Has Jim Horner read the book by Tolstoy « War and Peace»?

2) What kind of impression has Jim after this film?

3) Let’s retell the text. Do you like it? Why? Why not?

6) Аудирование текста «The Early Days of Cinema»

Now, listen to the text and be ready to answer some questions about the early Days of the cinema. It will be interesting for you.

1) By whom was the first cinema film made?

2) What can you say about silent films?

7) The surprise: Well, today Gloria Casto is our guest. She is a popular English film star. She wants to tell us about her life and answer your questions. Please, Gloria.

а) Интервью слушают.

б) Вопросы к ней.

8). And now boys and girls let’s listen to you. What can you say about films which you have seen. Speak about films according to this plan, please:

the name of the film

the director

the type of the film

the main actor’s name

in which country it is set

to make up one’s mind

if the critic liked it

9). And now complete the dialogue:

1. I have just seen – on the screen.

3. What a wonderful and profound film it was!

1. —

2. Yes, I’ve read the book but the picture held my interest from beginning to end.


2. I think Gurchenko was the best. She lived her role.


2. I hope all film-goers enjoyed the film greatly.

10) Make up dialogues band on these situations: —

1 ситуация:

Looking through the list « What’s On» you and your friend choose a film to see.

2 ситуация:

You talk of the pictures you have just seen.

3 ситуация:

You talk with your friend about favourite film stars , film – heroes.

11) Итоги урока.

12) Домашнее задание:

Think of a film title to match each of the following types of films: a comedy, a cartoon, drama, western, an adventure film, a horror film, a science fiction film, a historical film.

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