Конспект урока для 4 класса «School Life»

«School Life»

4 класс

Тема: School Life

Тип урока: комбинированный

Цель урока: закрепление лексических навыков по теме «School Life».


  1. Обучающие

— закрепление лексики по теме «School Life»;

— повторение грамматического материала (разделительные вопросы, предлоги at, on, in, before);

— формирование навыков диалогической и монологической речи;

2. Развивающие:

-развитие умений аудирования;

-развитие умений реагировать в разных ситуациях;

— развитие общего и лингвистического кругозора учащихся;

— развитие мыслительных операций;

— развитие познавательного интереса к английскому языку;

— развитие мотивации и языковой догадки;

— развитие использовать иностранный язык как средство общения;

3. Воспитательные:

-воспитание навыка работы в группе.

-воспитание толерантного отношения друг к другу в рамках группового сотрудничества при выполнении заданий;

— воспитание умения сосредоточиться и выступать перед публикой;

Оснащенность урока

1. Верещагина И.Н., Афанасьева О.В. Английский язык для 4 класс для школ с углубленным изучением.

2. Индивидуальный дидактический материал.

3. Компьютер (для презентации и просмотра видео).

4. Наглядные пособия.

Ход урока.

  1. Приветствие.

Good morning, my dear friends. The bell has gone, so you may take your seats. So today we`ll have an unusual lesson. We have a lot of guests in our classroom. So we are to do our best. You should work hard. You should be active and polite.

1) Friends, look around please and guess the topic of our lesson. Look at the screen there are some variants for you:

-We`ll discuss weather;

-We`ll discuss school life;

-We`ll discuss clothes.

(Дети пытаются угадать тему урока) You are absolutely right, today we`ll speak about school life. We`ll discuss not usual schools, but magic school of Harry Porter.

We are really lucky because Harry Porter sent us a letter. (Включаю музыку, зачитываю письмо)

Hi, pupils!

I know that you study English at your school. I know that you want to visit my country and my school. I can help you, but you should know English very well. So I`ve prepared some tasks for you.

Good luck!

Harry Potter

Today we have a lot to do. We are going to revise the words, to watch video, to work with the dialogues and play different games.

We`ll have two teams: magic pens and magic hats. (Даю эмблемы)

  1. Firstly let`s train our tongues. Look at the screen and repeat after me.

They go to school at eight,”

Says little Kate.

At school they read and write,

Their class is large and light.”

  1. Harry Porter prepared for you some questions and riddles about school. So let`s play Zeros and Crosses game.

«Zeros and Crosses».

Your task is to choose a number and to do the task. There will be some riddles and questions about school.

  1. What day of the week comes after Monday?

  2. A thing pupils wear at school.

  3. The day of the week when pupils don`t go to school.

  4. A place where we keep books.

  5. A class where we study numbers and learn to count.

  6. A class where pupils learn about nature, flowers and trees.

  7. A lesson where you make things with your hands.

  8. A class where you sing different songs.

  9. A class where we can run, jump and play different games.

  1. Friends if you want to visit Harry Porter you should understand English well. Now we are going to watch a video about children talking about their favourite subjects. We`ll watch it twice. Your task is to match a child with the right subjects. But don`t forget about the extra variant.












Let`s check your answers.

  1. Friends, now I want to know what favourite subjects you have. I know that some of you prepared monologues about your groups. Your task is to listen carefully because I`ll ask you some questions. (Ребята представляют рассказ о своей группе, приготовленный дома)

There are four pupils in my group. We are different and we love different subjects. For example Alina likes Physical Education. Vlad and Polly like Maths and English. Nikita likes Reading and Nature Study. Polly and Vlad don’t like Physical Education.

There are four pupils in my group. Dasha and Sergey like Physical Education. Marina likes Art. Dasha and Nastya don`t like Maths. Sergey likes Maths. Nastya likes Reading. But we love our school and our teachers.

  1. Who likes P.E.in you’re their group?

  2. Who likes Maths?

  3. Who doesn`t like P.E.?

  1. Who likes Art?

  2. Who doesn`t like Maths?

  3. Who likes Maths?

  4. Who likes Reading?

  1. Now I know that you like P.E. Now let`s have rest a little bit. (смотрим видео, выполняем движения)

  2. Звук сообщения! Friends, we are really lucky because Harry Porter sent us a video letter. Let`s watch it. Be careful again, you`ll have some tasks.

(Cмотрим видео, рассказ Гарри Потера о школе)

Now I`ll read the sentences and your task is to say if they are true or false.

  1. Harry Porter’s school is wonderful and magic.

  2. Harry Porter`s favourite subject is Music.

  3. Harry Porter`s classroom isn`t comfortable.

  4. The walls are orange there.

  5. The floor is black.

  6. Harry Porter likes to read.

  7. They don`t have a bookcase in their classroom.

Harry Porter told us about his classroom. Now let`s tell him about our classroom. ( на экране в хаотичном порядке слова и фразы there is/there are)

  1. Harry Porter has some questions to you. But they are not finished, let`s finish them.

You like your school, don’t you?

  1. You like English,…?

  2. You are never late,…?

  3. You are speaking English now,…?

  4. There is a big bookcase in your classroom,…?

  5. You won`t have Handicraft tomorrow,…?

  6. There are 12 desks in your classroom,…?

  7. You like to learn dialogues,…?

  1. I`m sure that you like to learn the dialogues. I know that some of you learnt the dialogues. Let`s listen to the them. Listen carefully, because again I`ll ask you some questions. (Ребята представляют диалоги о школе)

  1. What is Polly`s favourite subject?

  2. What is Vlad`s favourite subject?

  3. Who is Polly`s teacher of Maths?

  1. Harry Porter sent us a letter. It`s a magic letter, where he tells about his working day. There are some gaps, your task is to fill them.

(Вставить предлоги at, in, before, on)

I usually get up … 7 o`clock. I do exercises and have breakfast … the morning. … 8 o`clock I go to school. I usually play with my friends … classes. … Monday we have five classes. … Sunday we don`t go to school. I like to go to school … April. Because April`s Fool Day is … the first of April. I like to read books … the evening. … Saturday evening I usually play computer games. … night I sleep.

  1. Let`s tell Harry Porter what subjects we have in our school. (Ребятам необходимо соотнести предмет и его описание)

  2. If you are going to visit Harry Porter you should know everything about Primary schools in England. Let`s check your knowledge. I`ll give you a phase, you are to make up a sentence with it.

  • At the age of four or five;

  • On the first Tuesday of September;

  • Begin at nine;

  • Hamsters, rabbits and hares;

  • Outdoors;

  • Five days a week;

  • Have names;

  • Infant schools;

  • Real schools.

  1. Unfortunately our lesson has come to an end. Today we talked much about schools, school subjects, we revised the words, listened to the dialogues. You did really well, thank you for the lesson. I`m sure that Harry Porter will be proud of you and may be he`ll invite you to his school.

  2. Рефлексия

If you like our lesson show me a yellow happy face, if you don`t like our lesson show me a red sad face.

I liked the lesson because…

I didn`t like the lesson because…

Most of all I liked …

The most difficult for me was …

  1. Homework. You should write a letter to Harry Porter and tell him about our school.

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