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Игра на английском языке «Путешествие в страну Всезнайки» для 5 класса

Составитель: учитель английского языка Устинова Е.С.

2014 Москва

Цель: развитие и повышение интереса к предмету.


учить понимать иностранную речь в игровой ситуации;

повторить изученную лексику и грамматику в игровой форме;

воспитывать умение работать в коллективе, чувство взаимной ответственности.

Оборудование: классная доска, карточки с названиями станций и заданиями, магнитофон, запись песни.

На доске высказывания:

Knowledge is power

The greatest risk in life is doing nothing

Better to give than to take

(Формирование команд. Путем жеребьевки класс делится на 3 команды. Если количество человек в классе не кратно трем, то при подготовке мероприятия помимо жетонов с названиями команд “Red Carriage, Blue Carriage, Green Carriage” изготавливаются жетоны “Judge”. Учащиеся занимают заранее приготовленные места.)

I. Приветствие. Good afternoon, boys and girls! Today our lesson is unusual, because we’ll have a wonderful trip to a magic land – Knowledgeland. Let’s imagine that we are passengers of a magic train. There are 3 carriages in this train. They are the teams:

A Red Carriage”, “A Blue Carriage” and “A Green Carriage”. At every station we’ll stop and you’ll have a special task to go on our trip. So, the train is leaving. Good luck!

II. Our first station is “Phonetics.” Your first task is to read the words in transcription and to translate them. Every team will get a card with the words. You must think and then choose one person to answer. Start!… Your time is up. Read the words.

2 x 6

III. OK. I think you’ve coped with this task. Our trip is going on. The next station is “Poetry.” I’m sure you know a lot of poems. Now one person from each team will recite the poem. Let’s see who will be the best.

5 x 1

IV. We go on our trip. The next station is “Grammar.” Do you like grammar?

1) Our first task is to fill in the prepositions where necessary.

1 x 6

Fill in the prepositions where necessary.

1. Let’s go ____ the seaside.

2. She can speak ____ two foreign languages.

3. Don’t laugh ____me.

4. The teacher explained it ____ me yesterday.

5. The train arrived ____ the station on time.

6. She usually has a plate of soup ____ dinner.

Fill in the prepositions where necessary.

1. Pupils never laugh ____ class.

2. Many small children are afraid ____ water.

3. He used ____ play with toy cars when he was a boy.

4. They play ____ football well.

5. She has learnt the poem ____ heart.

6. There are four chairs ____ table.

Fill in the prepositions where necessary.

1. Turn ____ the light, please. It is dark in the room.

2. We go to school ____ foot.

3. He leaves ____ home at 7 a.m.

4. My friend is fond ____ collecting coins.

5. They have never been____ London.

6. I enjoy listening ____ music.

2) Your next task is to put the verb in the correct tense. Be very attentive!

2 x 5

Put the verb in the correct tense.

1. I ____ (not/see) her for five months.

2. He ____ (always/tell) lies.

3. John ____ (listen) to the radio, when the batteries ran out.

4. ____we ____ (go) to the cinema tonight?

5. I ____ (watch) a good film when Mother came.

Put the verb in the correct tense.

1. I ____ (not/want) ice cream now.

2. Who ____ (discover) America?


— Where is Susan?

— She ____ (go) to London.

4. The train ____ (leave) at 5 p.m.

5. The teacher ____ (always/shout) at the lesson.

Put the verb in the correct tense.

1. I ____ (be) in Athens for a month.

2. What ____ you ____ (do) at 9 p.m. yesterday?

3. I ____ (see) Elvis Presley.

4. The woman ____ (not/remember) her address now.

5. I think they ____ (marry) soon.

3) In your test papers you make a lot of mistakes. I’m very tired of correcting them. Now let’s see how you can correct mistakes. So your next task is to find the mistakes in the sentences and correct them.

1 x 5

Find the mistake and correct it.

1. I have written a book last year.

2. London is the capital of the England.

3. I have been a teacher since three years.

4. She speaks perfectly English.

5. Simon plays the piano well, can’t he?

Find the mistake and correct it.

1. He have seen that film three times.

2. We drove slow through the traffic.

3. If you work hardly, you will get a five.

4. He told, “I’m tired.”

5. Is he live in New York?

Find the mistake and correct it.

1. Jane runs fastest than Margaret.

2. He cleans the house at the moment.

3. Mary feeds the baby when I arrived at her house.

4. She hasn’t met him for last year.

5. Does she gets up early?

4) Now make up sentences from the words.

3 x 3

Make up sentences.

1. For, does, have, breakfast, she, what?

2. Not, far, we, from, the, park, live.

3. Do, you, what, mean?

Make up sentences.

1. She, does, what, evening, do, the, in?

2. Now, my, is, in, playing, sister, the, garden.

3. She, does, speak, English, also?

Make up sentences.

1. Will, who, part, this, take, in, work?

2. Does, what, up, get, she, time?

3. He, interesting, give, you, an, book, can.

V. OK. We go on our trip. The next station is “Lexical.”

1) Your task is to say as many proverbs and sayings as you can.

1 x ..

2) Use the words in capitals to form a word that fits.

2 x 3

Use the words in capitals to form a word that fits.

1. We had a __________ last month. MEET

2. Why don’t you ask for your teacher’s _________ ADVISE

3. We chose a _________ place to sit and have our picnic. PEACE

Use the words in capitals to form a word that fits.

1. There are many different kinds of animals living in the __________. WILD

2. Tim’s having a _________ at his house. CELEBRATE

3. Hundreds of people waited at the airport for the Queen’s __________ . ARRIVE

Use the words in capitals to form a word that fits.

1. There’s no need to call the restaurant as John’s already _________ a table. BOOK

2. They stopped at the __________ of the church. ENTER

3. They have already bought tickets for this ___________ . PERFORM

3) Are you good at solving riddles?

1 x..

1. What will live on paper, but will die on water? (Fire)

2. Which month has 28 days? (They all have 28 days)

3. There are 6 of us in every family, but only 4 in a town, what are we? (Letters)

4. If you want to draw a straight line, make use of me as this business is mine. (A ruler)

5. I have cities but no houses; forests but no trees; rivers without water; what am I? (A map)

6. Three girls walked to school under one umbrella. Why didn’t any of them get wet? (Because it didn’t rain)


It has no legs, but just for fun

It’s always on the run.

(A ball)


It runs and runs,

But it’ll never run out.

It flows, who knows

What I’m talking about?

(A river)


My face is black, as black as night.

On me with chalk all pupils write.

All right. But it’s disgrace

When they forget to wipe my face.

(A blackboard)

VI. We are at the “Musical Station.” Let’s learn and sing a song. Christmas and New Year are coming. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

VII. Подведение итогов.

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