Конспект урока для 6 класса «An Apple a Day Keeps a Doctor Away»

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Конспект урока английского языка для учащихся 6 класса

по теме “An Apple a Day Keeps a Doctor Away”

Цели урока:

воспитательный аспект: формирование навыков здорового образа жизни, воспитание положительного отношения к своему здоровью и здоровью окружающих людей;

развивающий аспект: развитие навыков аудирования, говорения;

учебный аспект: совершенствование произносительных навыков, совершенствование лексико-грамматических навыков по теме;

Речевой материал: лексический и грамматический материал цикла уроков по теме;

Оборудование: магнитола, карточки со словами, иллюстрации, задания для групповой работы, задания для индивидуальной работы.

Ход урока:

  1. Организационный момент. Приветствие.

At this lesson we take a proverb “An Apple a Day Keeps a Doctor Away” as a theme. We’ll try to answer the question what our health depends on. That’s why today we’ll speak about illnesses, doctors, health habits and different vitamins.

Our motto is “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.

(Рано ложиться, рано вставать – горя и хвори не будете знать. Перевод

С.Я. Маршака)

2. Речевая подготовка.

— What date is it today?

— What’s the weather like today?

— How are you?

— Do you feel well /awful?

a) Match sounds and letters.

th ch f s

[s] [Ө] [z] [∂] [f] [k] [t∫]

b) Работа с карточками со словами по теме.

  • listen and repeat

  • read yourselves

  • read these words in groups

  • who was the best one?

с) Работа в парах. Ask your partner if he/she has had a headache (backache,…)?

For example: — Have you ever had a headache?

  • Yes, I have. (No, I haven’t).

d) Индивидуальное задание одному из учеников у доски.

What word doesn’t fit?

















e) Ученик у доски отвечают на вопросы одноклассников.

For example: — Have you ever had a headache?

— Yes, I have. (No, I haven’t).

f) Проверка индивидуального задания.

3.Активизация лексических единиц по теме.

  1. GameShow me your (leg)” (ученика у доски дети просят показать разные части тела).

  2. You are ready to work. You know words well.

Sometimes children fall ill as Ruth and her friends from the song. Let’s read before singing and fill in the missing words.

На доске: Ruth – a toothache

Teddy – a cold

Fred – a headache

Eddie –

Sam – a stomachache

Frankie – the flu

Jack — ? (a backache)


(дети добавляют недостающие слова, затем поют песню).

4. Совершенствование лексико-грамматических навыков, навыков диалогической речи.

  1. Работа в группах.

Have you ever been ill? I think not only children from the song have different illnesses but you have them, too.

Let’s work in groups. Sometimes you have different accidents, your arms, legs, back hurt from time to time.

Guess what part of body has hurt (детям выдаются карточки с указанием одной из частей тела, которая «болела»).

For example: — Has your leg ever hurt?

  • No, it hasn’t.


  • Has your arm ever hurt?

  • Yes, it has.

  • When did it hurt? (When was it?)

  • A week ago.

  1. Работа в формате P1 – P2, P3, P4, …

When we are ill, we should consult different doctors. These doctors can help us. What are they? (ученикам предложены иллюстрации разных специалистов: a surgeon, a dentist, a veterinarian, a physician, один ученик у доски в ответ на жалобы даёт другим учащимся рекомендации).

For example: — I’ve got a headache.

  • You should consult a physician.

  • My cat’s leg hurts.

  • You must consult … .

  • My brother has got a toothache.

  • He … .

  1. Работа в парах. Составление диалогов.

Make up your own dialogues: between friends and between a doctor and a patient (даётся несколько минут на подготовку).

  1. You see that out health can depends on doctors. When we have the flu, we must consult the doctor. But sometimes children don’t like to go to the doctor. We know the song “I don’t want” describing this situation.

(дети исполняют песню “I dont want”)

And what about you? Do you like visiting doctors?

  1. I understood that you don’t like to go to the doctors very often. But your health depends not only on doctors but on you. If you don’t want to visit doctors, you must care of your health and have good health habits. I’d like to know how often you

  • go to the dentist?

  • have medical checks?

  • wash your hair?

  • brush your teeth?

  • eat fruits and vegetables?

  • play sport games?

  • walk in the park?

  • take vitamins?

  1. Работа над текстом по теме.

It’s very good that you have such health habits and of take vitamins and eat fruits and vegetables.

To be healthy we should take vitamins. Vegetables are especially rich in vitamins. For this reason they should be in our meals. So our health depends on different vitamins, too. What are they? Let’s find out and read the text from Activity Book.

Vitamin A is necessary (необходим) to strengthen (усиливать) your eyes, and help you grow. It is also good for the skin and hair. You can find it in red and yellow vegetables. B vitamins help to keep nerves healthy. You can find them in grains (зерно).Vitamin C is for healthy bones (кости) and teeth. It helps the body to fight infection. You can find it in green vegetables and citrus fruits.

Read in chain.

What vitamins have you read about?

Fill in the table:





  1. (C)


  1. (A)


  1. (A)


  1. (C)


  1. (B)


  1. (C)


Complete the sentence (каждому ученику выдаётся карточка с предложением, которое нужно дополнить, используя информацию из таблицы или текста).

I like … because it is (they are) very tasty and it is (they are) rich in vitamin … .

(после заполнения происходит проверка предложений)

  1. Подведение итогов урока.

As our lesson is coming to the end let’s make a conclusion. We tried to find out what our health depends on. Now we see that it depends on not only different doctors but on our health habits. And of course on fruits and vegetables we eat because they are rich in different vitamins. By the way, what vitamin is an apple rich in? That’s why the theme of our lesson was “An Apple a Day Keeps a Doctor Away”. It means Яблоко в день и доктор не понадобится.

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