Конспект урока для 6 класса «There is no place like home»

урока английского языка в 6 классе

Тема урока: “There is no place like home”

Цель урока:

Обобщить и систематизировать знания учащимися лексики по теме «Мой дом».

Задачи урока:


— повторение, закрепление и систематизация лексического и грамматического материала по теме «Мой дом»;

— приобретение практических навыков при работе с диалогами и монологами;

— приобретение практических навыков поведения в конкретных речевых ситуациях;


— развитие навыков диалогической и монологической речи с употреблением лексики по теме «Мой дом»;

— развитие интереса у учащихся к общению на английском языке;

— развитие творческих способностей и фантазии учащихся;


— воспитание культуры общения на английском языке;

— развитие умения сотрудничать, воспитание готовности к коллективному творчеству;

Практическая деятельность:

общение и выражение своих мыслей на изучаемом иностранном языке; тренировка всех видов речевой деятельности: аудирования, говорения, письма.


учебник, раздаточный материал, мультимедийный проектор, ноутбук,

интерактивная доска.

Структура урока:

  1. Начало урока. Введение учащихся в атмосферу иноязычного общения.

  1. Приветствие. Сообщение цели урока.

  2. Рапорт дежурного.

  3. Речевая зарядка.

  4. Контроль домашнего задания.

II. Основная часть урок.

1. Аудирование.

2. Практика в устной диалогической речи.

3. Практика в устной монологической речи.

  1. Практика в письменной речи.

  2. Работа в творческих группах.

III.      Подведение итогов.

  IV. Домашнее задание.      

  V. Выставление и комментарий оценок.      

Ход урока:

I. Начало урока. Введение учащихся в атмосферу иноязычного общения.

  1. Приветствие. Сообщение целей урока.

2. Рапорт дежурного.

  3. Речевая зарядка. Введение учащихся в атмосферу иноязычного общения.

Т: First of all let’s train our tongues. Here you can see a good English proverb.

 There is no place like home

 Repeat after me this proverb all together.

Т: Thank you. Ok, now read it, please. Thank you very much. Good job.


Do you like this proverb?

Do you like your home?

What other proverbs do you know about home?

How many rooms are there in your house?

Have you got your own room?

Have you ever seen a British house?

4. Контроль домашнего задания.

Т: So it is time to perform your dialogues. Your homework was to prepare dialogues between Russian and British students. You will speak about your houses. I’ll give you two minutes to be ready.

T: Your time is over. Come here and act.


Hi! How are you?

Fine, thanks and you?

– Everything is OK. Thank you. Сome in, please.

– Your home is comfortable.

– Yes, it is very nice.

–  How many rooms are there?

–  There are a lot of rooms. In the basement there are a workout room, a recreation room, a guest room and a bathroom.

–  And what is there upstairs?

–  Upstairs there are three bedrooms, a living room and a study. Let’s go there.

–  How comfortable!

–  Yes, the living room is the most comfortable room in the house.

–  Here I can see a lot of flowers, do you like them?

Yes, my sister is fond of flowers.

–  Do you work on a computer?

– Yes I do. I have got a lot of games and some educational programs.

– How interesting! And where will we stay?

–  You will stay in the guest room downstairs. I hope you will be comfortable there.

–  Thank you very much!


– Welcome dear guests! How are you?

– We are fine, thanks and you?

– That’s OK. Come in, please.

–  First of all we’ll go to the guest room. You are tired, aren’t you?

–  Yes, a little. Your house is wonderful!

– Yes you are right. Let’s go. I’ll show you the house. This is a kitchen.

–  You have so many appliances there.

–  Yes, they make our life easier. This is our dishwasher where we wash plates automatically.

–  And what is there in the sink?

–  This is a disposal. It minces vegetable peels and they disappear.

–  How convenient!

–  And have you got any appliances in Russia?

–   Yes, for example a food processor. It helps to cook meals. It can do different operations.

–   Russian people also have many different appliances which also make our life easier.

–   Russian houses are as comfortable as American-ones.

–  You are right. There is no place like home.

–  Let’s go. I’ll show you the rest of the house.

 ІІ. Основная часть урока.

  1. Аудирование.

a) Прослушивание текста.

Т: Oh, you know, today I have got a parcel. What a strange box is it. What is there inside? Let’s see… . There is a letter. Very  interesting. Let’s listen to it.

(первое прослушивание текста письма)

Hi! My name is Mike.  I live in Norwich. We live in a private house which has two floors. In the first floor there are three rooms: a kitchen, a dining room and a living room. Upstairs there are two bedrooms, a bathroom and a sitting room. I like best the sitting room because it is the most comfortable room in our house. There are many flowers on the windows, on the walls there are a lot of bookshelves and pictures. I often work on a computer there. We have a modern furniture in our house. It is very comfortable. We like our house because it is very nice.

Welcome to visit us in Norwich.

Good bye. Your friend Mike Brown

T: Did you understand Mike’s letter?

Was it clear for you?

Please, be ready to answer the questions about his house. Well. Now we will listen to it again. Pay attention, please what he says.

 (второе прослушивание текста письма)

 б) Контроль понимания речи на слух.


1)       Where does Mike live?

2)       Does he live in a house or in a flat?

3)       How many floors are there in his house?

4)       How many rooms are there in Mike’s house?

5)      What rooms are there in the first floor?

6)       What rooms are there upstairs?

7)       What room does Mike like best?

8)      Why does he like it?

9)       Is this room comfortable?

10)   There are a lot of flowers in this room, aren’t there?

11)    Can he work on a computer?

12)    The furniture is modern, isn’t it?

13)    Why do they like their house?

14)    Do you want to visit them?


  1. Практика в устной диалогической речи.

а ) Ситуация общения: «Мой дом».

T: So, we know about Mike’s house and let’s speak about our houses. Listen to me and answer my questions.

  1)       Do you like your home?

2)       Is it a house or a flat?

3)       How many rooms are there in your house?

4)       Have you got your own room?

5)       What room do you like best?

6)       Why do you like it?

7)       What furniture is there in your room?

8)       Is your room comfortable?

9)       What furniture would you like to have in your room?

10)   Are there any flowers in your room?

11)    Do your friends like your house?

T: Thank you very much. Great. Now it is your turn to ask me questions about my house. I see you are able to ask questions.

(учащиеся задают мне вопросы)

T: Thank you very much. Another task for you. You should ask each other about your houses.

(учащиеся задают вопросы друг другу и отвечают на них)


б) Описание картинки.

Т: Thank you very much. I see you know many things about home. Look at the screen. Here you can see Mike’s living room. Look attentively and answer my questions.

  1)       What is there to the right of the windows?

2)       How many chairs are there?

3)       Where is a mirror?

4)       Are there any pictures on the wall?

5)       Where is the sofa?

6)       What is there to the left of the mirror?

7)       Where are the books/ the globe?

8)       What is there to the right of the TV?

9)       Where are the flowers?

10)    Where is a lamp?

3. Практика в устной монологической речи.

Т: Thank you very much. Now your task is to describe your room. As for me my favourite room is my living room. It is the biggest room in my house. There are four windows in it. Near the wall there is a TV set. To the left of it there are two bookshelves. In front of the TV there is a sofa and two armchairs. On the floor there is a carpet.

And what can you tell me about your rooms?

( несколько учащихся описывают свои любимые комнаты)

4. Практика в письменной речи.

T: Now, let’s work with rooms which there are in the house. Come to the blackboard, put down the name of the room and write down on the blackboard what furniture is there in this room.

 (ученики выходят по очереди к доске, выбирают карточку с названием комнаты, записывают его на доске, а затем пишут названия мебели, которая может находиться в этой комнате; остальные ребята работают в тетрадях)

Ex: Bedroom: a bed, a mirror, a wardrobe, a chair…

5. Творческая работа в группах.

T: Well done. Thank you very much for your work. Now I propose you to make a project work: What will the classroom be like in 100 years?”

T: I’ll give you sheets of paper where you should draw and write all the objects, furniture which will be there.

(учащиеся делятся на группы по 4 человека и выполняют проекты)

Т: Your time is over. Come here and tell us about your future classroom.

 III. Подведение итогов.

T: So, today we have talked about Russian and British houses. We repeated the words of rooms and furniture.

T: Do you agree with the proverbs:

There is no place like home

East or West home is best

T: Did you like to make projects?

T: Did you like this lesson?

 IV. Домашнее задание.

Т: Open your diaries and write down the homework. You should make a project about our school in a hundred years. Make picture and describe it.

 V. Выставление и комментарий оценок.


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