Конспект урока для 9 класса «A Pleasant Meeting»

Открытый урок английского языка в 9 классе

Учитель: Лукьянченко Людмила Алексеевна

МАОУ СОШ №10 ст. Петропавловской

Курганинского района Краснодарского края

Тема: “A Pleasant Meeting

Цель: Совершенствование навыков устной речи.

Задачи: 1. Развитие навыков монологической и диалогической речи.

2. Воспитание уважительного отношения к традициям и обычаям

своей страны и страны изучаемого языка.

Ход урока.

Teacher: -Dear boys and girls, today we have many guests at our lesson. They want to learn some facts about Russia. And I think, they have much information for you. But at first, let’s meet.

English guest 1:-Hello, boys and girls! I am Mary Brown. I am from England. I am glad to see you.

Scottish guest 2:-Hi, everybody! I am Helen Mc. Well. As for me, I have come from Scotland.

American guest 3;-Good morning! My name is John. My surname is Green. I am from the USA, state Texas.

Russian pupil 1:-I know America is one of the greatest countries in the world. I want to tell you about the United States of America.

(Story about America)

Russian pupil 2:-And I’d like to tell you about American holidays.

(Shows the album with the pictures of American holidays.)

Russian pupil 3:-At our English lessons we have learned a lot of interesting facts about America. But most of all I liked the words of wisdom. They are:

Live and Learn”

It is never too late to learn.’

Kindness gives birth to kindness”.

East or West- Home is best.’

Home, sweet home.”

An apple a day keeps a doctor away.”

Too many cooks spoil the broth”.

A watched pot never boils.”

The best part of living is loving and giving.”

Don’t forget to do good and share what you have.”

What is worth doing at all is worth doing well.”

Never say die.”

It is a small world.’

It is not every gold that glitters.”

A friend in need is a friend indeed.”

But my favourite phrase is “The best part of living is loving and giving.’

Mary Brown;-Oh, it’s great! I see portraits of English writers and poets in your classroom.

Russian pupil 4:-I have read and heard about Shakespeare. I want to tell you about this greatest writer in the world.

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(Story about Shakespeare’s biography.)

Mary Brown:-The sonnets of this writer are wonderful. And I want to read one of them.

(Sonnet18 by Shakespeare)

Shall I compare thee that summer’s day….”

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day

Thou art more lovely and more temperate

Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May

And summer’s lease hath all too short a date

Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines

And often is his gold complexion dimm’d

And every fair from four sometime declines

By chance or nature’s changing course untrimm’d

By thy enternal summer shall not fade

Nor lose possession of that fair thou owest

Nor shall Death brag thou wander’st in his shade

When in enternal lines to time thou growest

So long as men can breathe or eyes can see

So long lives this and this gives life to thee.

Helen Mc. Well:-I am sure, that Robert Burns is a popular in your country too. I see a portrait of this man.

Russian pupil 5:- I’d like to tell you R. Burn’s biography.

Russian pupil 6;-I want to read the poem “My Heart’s in the Highlands”

My heart’s in the Highlands

My heart is not here

My heart’s in the Highlands achasing the deer

Achasing the wild deer and following the rou

My heart’s in the Highlands where ever I go

Farewell to the Highlands

Farewell to the North

The birthplace of Valour the country of worth

Wherever I wander, wherever I rove

The hills of the Highlands forever I love

John Green:- But I Know Pushkin is a popular not in only your country but all over the world. Many poems are translated into English. One of them is “I loved you…” I want to read you this poem.

I Loved you…”

I loved you in my heart there is an ember

Of love not wholly faded it may be

But do not let it hurt you to remember

I would not have you suffer pain for me

I loved you in a hopeless silent fashion

Racked now by shyness, now jealous fear

I loved you with such pure and tender passion

God grant another love you so my dear

Russian pupil7:-As for me, I like to recite poems. One of my favourite poem is

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To you…”

To you….”

(by Blanche De Good Lofton)

If I could do what’er I want to do

To make complete your gladsome Christmas Day

I would not bring a single thing to you

But I would come and take some things away

I’d take away all trouble from your heart

Each pain and sorrow I would have relieved

And every word that caused a single smart

And every hour through which you sadly grieve’d

I’d have them all be gone-forever gone

Forgotten like things that cannot be

And then each hour would be a joyful one

For only good things would be left you see

Now that is what I’d really like to do

If I could do the things I wish for you

Teacher:-Our dear guests, Russian young people adore English music. They like such groups as “Prodigy”, “Queen”, “Rolling Stones” and others .But they like not only modern groups, they like to listen to the songs of “The Beatles” with great pleasure.

Pupil 9:-Story about “The Beatles.”

Kate and Mary Brown sing the song “Yesterday’.

Nastya :-Russia is a great country. It has a lot of customs and traditions .I know, that borsch is a Russian traditional dish

Helen Mac Well:-Oh, yes! I’ve eaten it. It is wonderful. But I can not cook it. Give me the recipe of this dish.

Nastya: Of course, with pleasure.

The Recipe.

Take water, 1 kilo meat, tomatoes, 3-4 red peppers, 2 carrots, 4 onions, some oil,10 potatoes, some salt, 1 cabbage.

1. Pour cold water into the pot.

2. Put the meat.

3. Put the pot on the stove and heat.

4. Boil the water for 50 minutes.

5. Cut onions, carrots, peppers.

6. Oil the pan and put the vegetables in it.

7. Add tomatoes and boils some minutes.

8. Put the potatoes into the pot.

9. Add vegetables, cabbage, greens and salt.

10. Boil some minutes. Taste.

11. Good appetite.

Teacher:- Children, have you any questions to our guests?

Sveta:- What kind of music do you like, Mary?

Mary Brown:- I like modern music. As for me, my favourite group is “Prodigy.”

Ivan:- John, do you like the policy of your president?

John Green:-Of course, I am a patriot of my country.

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Dina:-Helen, do you believe in Lock Ness Monster?

Helen MacWell:-I can not say exactly .But I’d like to see it. Many tourists visit Lock Ness.

Irina:- Mary, what is your favourite holiday?

Mary Brown:-As for me, my favourite holiday is St. Valentine’s Day. It is a day of all lovers.

And I like to give presents to all my dearest people.

Teacher:—Dear boys and girls, I am sure, that you enjoyed the meetings with our guests. And now they have to leave us. Let’s say good-bye to them and wish good luck.

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