Конспект урока для 9 класса «Our Fragile Planet»

Урок — проект по теме “Our Fragile Planet ”.

(Учебник “New Millennium English”, 9 класс)

Цель: Обобщение лексического и грамматического материала по теме.

Задачи: 1.Тренировать учащихся в монологической и диалогической речи.

2.Обобщить грамматический материал. (Модальные глаголы)

3.Практиковать учащихся в аудировании.

4.Воспитывать у учащихся целеустремлённость, настойчивость, трудолюбие.

5. Развивать творческие способности учащихся, умение самостоятельной работы и работы в коллективе.

Ход урока.

1. Вступительное слово учителя.

Good morning dear children and guests. We welcome you to our ecological conference. Today we are going to discuss different ecological problems and to make resolutions how to protect our environment.

2. Фонетическая зарядка. First let’s start revising the words which we are going to use while we discussing ecological problems. Look at the blackboard, please.

Explain the following phrases: to pour chemicals

to produce waste

to release chemicals

to affect people’s health

to damage nature

to destroy forests

Match the words to make up the right expressions.

to save fish

to cut down litter

to kill cars

to wash a fire

to start trees

to pollute the water

to leave the animals

to protect the environment

3. Защита проекта.

a) Introduction.

The problem of the environment is one of the main problems today. People pollute land, water and air. Many years ago people lived in harmony with their environment, because industry was not developed. People thought that natural riches were unlimited. Today the situation is quite different because there are thousands of smoky factories in large cities all over the world. Now let’s discuss some ecological problems.

b)Project 1. Air pollution.

Project 2. Water pollution.

Project 3. Rubbish problem.

Project 4. Animals in danger.

Project 5. Global warming.

Project 6. Nuclear pollution.

Project 7. People’s health.

(Discussing problems: questions and answers)

c) Measures. Discussing points.

d) Conclusion.

As the problem of environment is very important, people must do everything possible to save our planet. If we don’t do it a great tragedy may happen. There are many places on our planet which need urgent help. The Earth is in danger and we must take care of it for ourselves and for future generations.

4. Аудирование.

a) Choose the correct answer.

b) True or false.

5. Учебный разговор. Develop the following ideas.

1. Forests control the world’s weather. 2. A lot of species of plants and animals are disappearing fast and can become extinct very soon. 3. Wild plants can help to produce some medicine to cure dangerous diseases.

6.Выполнение упражнения 4, с. 31(учебник “New Millennium English”)

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7.Подведение итогов.

Today we have discussed a lot of ecological problems and suggested some measures how to solve them. Thank you for your ideas, declarations, thoughts and active work at the lesson. We are sure a lot of people will join and support different international organizations and green parties in order to solve ecological problems and protect the Earth.

8. Домашнее задание. Составить диалоги.

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