конспект урока на тему «My city»

The theme: «My city»

The date: 09.02.15

The type: combined

Objectives: научить новым словам по теме «My city», активизировать употребление слов по теме в речи, активизировать употребление прошедших слов в речи;

развивать навыки говорения, чтения, произношения и письма, путем записи, произношения и чтения слов по теме «My city»;

воспитывать интерес к изучаемой теме, к английскому языку;

Materials: картинки по теме мой город, колонки, компьютер, интерактивная доска, алфавит.

Connection: русский язык


I. Introduction.


-asking questions: How are you?

-musical minute (children listen melody)

II. Checking up homework.

-checking up paints

-warm-up: listen to me and repeat after me

-warm-up: teacher asks: What is it? (on slide). Pupils must answer It is a ….(word)

-playing game «Funny snake». Two pupils must go to the blackboard and through brick.

III. Presentation of new theme.

Look at the screen. There are many buildings! What is it? Yes.(name words)

Write down new words.

1. a square- площадь

2. a mosque-мечеть

3. a bridge- мост

4. a post office почта

5. a café кафе

6. a bank-банк

7. a street улица

Listen to me and repeat after me. Then read by yourself.

IV. Practice.

-physical training

-reading the text about Max, then translate the text

-playing game «Guess»

1. It is big. You live there. What is it? (house)

2. You can live there, when you travel. What is it? (hotel)

3. There are many things You can buy. What is it? (shop)

4. When you ill, you go there. What is it? (hospital)

5. There are many planes. What is it? (airport)

6. You ARE STUDIYNG THERE. What is it? (school)

Task 1: Look and say, what is missed? Pupils look at the screen and remember pictures on it, then teacher take away one picture, pupils must say what picture is missed?

Task 2: Find words. Work in group. Teacher gives pupils long words, pupils must say what words they can see.

Task 3: Put missed letters in the right order. Pupils go to the blackboard and put missed letters in the right order.

Task 4: Name colors and teacher opens this color and pupils must guess what is it?

Task 5: Find unnecessary picture. Pupils look at the screen. There are many pictures but one of them in unnecessary. Find.

Evaluation: You worked very good thank you very much. Do you like your city? Do you like our lesson?

Homework: you must remember new words

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