Конспект урока на тему «The bell has rung. Stand up, please. Good morning, children! Sit down please»

1 Card

The bell has rung. Stand up, please. Good morning, children! Sit down please.

Who is absent today?

I am very glad to see you. How are you feeling today? Look at the window, please. Do you like today’s weather?

So, today we revise (are continuing to study) the topic “Travelling and transport” and exactly we are going to listen to the text.

2 Card

First, let’s revise the words that you have learned on the last lesson.

So, stand up please. I’ll tell you the Russian words and you should translate them into English. That pupil who gives me the right variant can sit down.

  1. Journey поездка

  2. Voyage плавание

  3. A cold wind холодный ветер

  4. A through train прямой поезд

  5. On board the ship на борту корабля

  6. Sleep slept slept спать

  7. To catch a plane садиться на самолет

  8. A tired look усталый взгляд

  9. To miss a bus (опоздать) пропустить автобус

  10. To arrive at 5 o’clock прибыть в 5 часов

  11. Understand understood understood понимать

  12. To change clothes переодеться

  13. Sit sat sat садиться

  14. Think thought thought думать

  15. To go (walk) quickly идти быстро

  16. To buy a ticket купить билет

3 card

Please, children, stand up again. Listen to me, pupil. If you hear the sound [n] you should sit down. (или хлопать в ладоши)








A through train



Thanks for your hard working. Sit down please.

4 card

Now, children, loof at the blackboard.

There are separate words, you should build the sentence orally.

The forest, monkey , live , in. — Monkey lives in the forest

Monday, football, on, play, they. – They play football on Monday.

My, I, to change, had, clothes. – I had to change my clothes.

The bus, this, I, morning, missed. – I missed the bus this morning.

There, a lot of, now, is, traffic. — There is a lot of traffic now. Сейчас сильное движение

5 card

Children, look at the blackboard. Put ISAMARE or HAVEHAS in the sentences below (orally)

He IS big. Monkeys … cunning.

Nick … brave. I … six.

The girl … shy. The boys … in the park.

Marina … a doll. We …. Books.

6 card

Look at Ex. 1. Please, listen to me and repeat the words after me. Please, Lena read them once more.

Proper Names:

  1. the North of England Север Англии

  2. Maths математика

  3. Scotland Шотландия


1. subject предмет

2. railway station железнодорожный вокзал

3. box коробка

4. tobacco табак

5. luggage багаж

Verbs and word combinations:

1. to speak (spoke, spoken) говорить

2. to explain объяснять

3. to get off (got, gotten) выходить

4. to go to (went, gone) ходить

5. to steal (stole, stolen) воровать, красть

6. to want to хотеть

7. to sleep (slept, slept) спать

8. can (could) мочь

9. to seem казаться

10. to enjoy любить

Please, Lena read them once more.

7 card

Now, let’s listen to the tape, try to understand the text.

It is time to work individually.

Look at Ex. 2. Vova, read the task and example, please.

Exercise 2 . Put the right words in the sentences from the list below.

  1. The pupilsenjoy.. his lessons.

  2. Grandad likes ….. most of all.

  3. ……. he travelled to Scotland.

  4. Somebody …. his favourite silver box

  5. It was midnight and ….. did not work.

  6. The sun began to shine bright and life … brighter.

last month





the lift

I give you 4 minutes.

Now, let’s check it up.

8 card

Let’s listen to the tape once more.

Children, do Ex 3. please. You should fill the table. You have 4 minutes to do this task.

Thanks for doing Ex 3.

9 card

Now children, you work in pairs. I give you pictures, look at them. Try to describe it. I give you 4 minutes. (раздать картинки)

(Now, let’s check it up.) смотри по времени или письменно или устно

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