Конспект урока на тему «The fairy tail – «Magic Mustard». The teacher of English – Fattahova D.M»

The fairy tail – «Magic Mustard».

The teacher of English – Fattahova D. M.


Цели внеклассного мероприятия:

1. активизация творческих способностей у учащихся при подготовке и проведении праздника,
2. ознакомление с традициями Америки,
3. формирования интереса к изучению английского языка как средства коммуникации и средства знакомства с традициями англоязычны стран,
4. развитие и практика диалогической и монологической речи.


  1. реквизиты,

  2. плакаты, приглашения, программы,

  3. музыкальное сопровождение,

  4. декорации.

Actors: 1. – Prince

2. – Queen

3. – Witch

4. – Sarah

5. – Tree

6. – Doctor

7. – Cat Midnight

8. –Author.

Ход мероприятия:

— Author: once upon time there was Spice country. In the capital of the country there w as the Pepperpot palace where Queen Sold and her son prince pepper lived.

They were very rich and had a lot of food. But the prince liked mustard very much. He could not live without it. One day the best friend of prince, poor little girl visited boy. But he was ill.

— Doctor: he is very ill and can not eat without mustard. We can not find mustard in the shops.

— Sarah: I can not believe in it. There is a lot of mustard in our Spice Country.

— Queen: but it is not right kind. It must be magic mustard. Someone has stolen all magic mustard seeds of my son. Police could not help us. We think Vinegar Witch has done it. And she wants to talk only with sweet young girl.

— Doctor: will you help us dear girl?

— Sarah: of course I will. Where does the witch live? How can I get there?

— Queen: she lives with her cat Midnight in a castle which is in the mountains. You will go thereon foot. You must find the magic road.

— Sarah: I am sure I will find it. Good bye everyone.

— Author: the trip was long. She came into the forest and turned in the middle of the magic forest.

— Sarah: how can I get out of here?

— Tree: can not you find the road? Speak up. I do not hear you. Do not they teach you to speak in English at school?

— Sarah: please, sir, how can I find Vinegar witch?

— Tree: do not you know how to read the map? What do they teach you at school these days?

— Sarah: I do not have any map. I am afraid.

— Tree: I am sorry. I forgot. Go to the left of the road leading to the main magic square and this way is to the right of the road leading to the magic airport.

— Sarah: could you explain, please? That was very difficult to remember.

— Tree: certainly not. You young people must learn to work without help. Hurry up.

— Witch: come up here. Hello my dear! Welcome to my castle. Why have you come?

— Sarah: I am looking for some magic mustard seeds.

— Witch: the magic seeds are in one of these boxes. Which one? We are not going to tell you that. You must guess.

— Author: it took Sarah a long time to find her way out of the Wild Wood. But she could do it.

— Sarah: I have found them.

— Queen: well done.

— Prince: how wonderful!

———————— The girl is crying ———————

— Queen: what is happened?

— Prince: nothing. I have never eaten such hot mustard. What shall I do?

— Sarah: that is why the Witch smiled badly. But she new nothing about magic water.

— Prince: why do not we have a party with favorite food of everybody?

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