Конспект урока на тему «The rules of sport»

Date: 16.01.15

The theme: The rules of sport.

The aims:

  1. educational: to rise students’ knowledge about rules of sport, to know about modal verb “ can/ can’t”

  2. practical : to work in small groups, to do exercises, to write mini –dictation, to learn new words.

  3. cultural: to interest students in learning English.

Visual aids : cards, pictures, tests.

The course of the lesson:

I Orgmoment: Greetings.

II Phonetic drills: https://fs103.jpe.ru/cf0a/2127967_c7f1c4e3.jpg p: 91 “Dream park” sing the song

III New theme:

  1. Divide students into four groups, one of them is a leader.

  2. Brainstorming: abkesbtlla




What is the theme of the lesson?

  1. Vocabulary:

1 catch -c

2 kick -f

3 carry-b

4 head-a

5 throw-d

6 hit-g

7 roll-e

8 hold-h

  1. https://fs103.jpe.ru/cf0a/2127967_c7f1c4e3.jpgEx: 1 a p: 44 Listen. Match the verbs with the pictures.

  2. https://fs103.jpe.ru/cf0a/2127967_c7f1c4e3.jpgEx: 1 b p: 44 Listen and check.

  3. Presentation: Listen and read. Think about your answers.

Rules of sport:

    1. Basketball




    1. Bowling




    1. Tennis




4. Football




7. Grammar Spot: Can/ can’t

8. Make three questions with the beginig: can you…?

9. Ex: 3 c p: 45 Make sentences with You can… or You can’t …

    1. Bowling – You can’t throw the ball.

    2. Tennis- You can’t roll the ball.

    3. Basketball- You can’t roll the ball.

    4. Football – You can head the ball

    5. Bowling – You can’t kick the ball.

    6. Tennis- You can’t catch the ball.

10. Answer the questions:

Teacher: Listen to me. I’ll describe you a sport.

  1. Eleven people play this game, they use black and white ball to play (football)

  2. You need a skate for it. (skateboarding)

  3. You must come to a pool or to a river to go in for it (swimming)

  4. Strong men like this sport. They wear white kimonoes. (judo)

  5. These are two types of athletics (running/jumping)

  6. You need a big orange ball and a basket with a net to play this game (basketball)

  7. You need a white ball to play this game. You play with your hands and arms (volleyball)

  8. Girls usually like this sport (gymnastics)

  9. You need two rockets, a white ball and a net.(tennis)

11. My English file: students write rules of sport or a game of their choice. They should use can or can’t.

  1. Conclusion: Write what sport can we do with:

  1. Balls – football, tennis, polo etc.

  2. Skates- figure skating, ice hockey, ice running etc.

  3. Rackets- badminton, tennis, ping- pong etc.

  4. Water- water polo, water skiing, swimming etc.

  5. Horses- polo, horse racing, jumping etc.

Communal state organization

school-gymnasium № 1 by name M.Gorky

Demonstrative lesson : https://tourism-london.ru/uploads/posts/2013-10/1382479315_191_2.jpg

Rules of sport”

Form : 6 “A”

Teacher: L. Rajapova


  1. Vocabulary:

1 catch —

2 kick —

3 carry-

4 head-

5 throw-

6 hit-

7 roll-

  1. hold-

  1. Rules of sport:

    1. Basketball




    1. Bowling




    1. Tennis




    1. Football




3. Ex: 3 c p: 45 Make sentences with You can… or You can’t …

    1. Bowling – You can’t …

    2. Tennis- You can’t …

    3. Basketball- You can’t…

    4. Football – You can …

    5. Bowling – You can’t …

    6. Tennis- You can’t …

4 What can we do with

  1. Balls –

  2. Skates-

  3. Rackets-

  4. Water-

  5. Horses-

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