Контрольная работа для 6 класса по теме «Present Perfect Tense»



Контрольная работа для 6 класса по теме «PRESENT PERFECT TENSE»

Составила учитель английского языка

Белоглазова Татьяна Николаевна

Волгоград 2014


I Put the words in the right place

  1. (ever) Have you been to Scotland?

  2. (already) Be quiet! The performance has begun.

  3. (never) Janet has been a good student.

  4. (just) He has turned the corner.

  5. (recently) My cousin has joined the Greenpeace. (5 БАЛЛОВ)

II Put the verbs in the brackets in the correct tense.

  1. They (go) to the theatre last week.

  2. My cousin (be) to the theatre three times a week.

  3. His niece just (write) the invitation letter.

  4. Helen (come) home, (have) a short rest, and then (begin) to help her mother.

  5. your parents (tell) you about the project today.(5 БАЛЛОВ)

III Write the questions to these sentences.

  1. We live in the centre of town.

  2. His parents bought a terraced house 5 years ago.

  3. I think it’s a living room. It’s very pleasant here.

  4. We have a garden at the back.

  5. I have a big house in the centre of the town. (5 БАЛЛОВ)

IV Translate from Russian into English.

  1. Какой замечательный парк! Ты уже бывала здесь? – Да, я была здесь в прошлом году.

  2. Я никогда не ел такое вкусное печенье. Оно замечательное!

  3. Вчера моя старшая сестра подмела пол, вымыла посуду, вынесла мусор, полила цветы. Я думаю, она получила плохую отметку.

  4. Какой вкусный чай! – Хотите чашку чая? – С удовольствием! (4 БАЛЛОВ)

V Fill in the gaps.

1 )My parents are tired …the noisy city. a)for b)of c) worth

2) Have you ever been to Big Ben? It’s …visiting. a)worth b) of c)for

3) They are going to give …this job. a)up b) along c) rid of

4) She wants to get… her old clothes. a)up b)rid of c)for

5)I usually get..at 7 o’clock. a)up b)for c) at(5 БАЛЛОВ)



1) Have you EVER been to Scotland?

2) The performance has already begun.

3) Janet has never been a good student.

4) He has just turned the corner.

5) My cousin has recently joined the Greenpeace.


  1. Went

  2. Has been

  3. Has written

  4. Came, had, began

  5. Told


  1. Do we live in the centre of the town?

  2. When did his parents buy this house?

  3. I think it’s a living room, don’t I?

  4. Do we have a garden or a garage at the back?

  5. Who has a big house in the centre of the town?


  1. What a nice park! Have you ever been here? – Yes, I was here last year.

  2. I have never eaten so tasty cake. It’s delicious!

  3. Yesterday my sister swept the floor, washed the dishes, took the rubbish out, watered the flowers. I think she got a bad mark.

  4. What a tasty tea! – Would you like a cup of tea? – With pleasure!


  1. b) Of

  2. a) worth

  3. a) up

  4. b) rid of

  5. a) up

Баллы: 22-24Б=»5», 19-22Б=»4», 15- 21Б=»3»

Список литературы:

  1. Биболетова М.З. учебник “Enjoy English” 5-6 класс

  2. Биболетова М.З. рабочая тетрадь “Enjoy English” 5-6 класс

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