Сценарий литературно-музыкальной композиции «Бородинская Битва 1812»


Сценарий литературно-музыкальной композиции

«Бородинская Битва 1812»


Тынянская Ксения Владимировна

Учитель иностранного языка


Memory – What do you keep inside your mind?

Memory? — Could you remind of something kind?

Who of you.. — Can understand the only thing

All the wars — Come to the people like a ring

Devil’s ring — Terrible look the lands became

While — Little monster wanted to own them

We are proud of the theme we have chosen to perform

Happy life can be destroyed if we forget the Russian history, the strength of Russian Army, the energy of its generals, officers and soldiers

and the devotion of all the people, who helped the Army to defeat French enemies in 1812.

Russian poet Mikhail Lermontov romanticized the battle in his poem “Borodino” in the following way:

You tell me, uncle, don’t you know

Why was Moskva that had to grow

Once given to Frenchmen?

They said you thought, the fight was fatal

And people’s soul turned into metal

In fact the Russians understand

You had to show them!

There were some people in my time

Not that, the current race, don’t mind

They couldn’t stand just feeling fine

What heroes – not you!

They had to share their fortunes badly

And from the fields returning hardly

If only Lord in fact wished battles

We wouldn’t give Moskva!

We had a long and silent retreat

The Frenchmen, are they undefeated?

The old men grumbled “Shame”

If they were able to lead, commanders

And change French uniforms in Russian

With our bayonets.

I wanted to present a dinner

Let’s make at once them getting thinner

Misyl! You’d better wait!

I thought another charge

Because I had to do so much

Because we had to stand the head

Of our Motherland!

Those were two days of firefighting

But what was good in trinkets finding?

We waited for the third…

And everywhere you could hear talking:

It’s time to get the grape for shooting …”

And to the meadows and valleys

With night were coming birds.

And only sky was getting clearer

We heard some noises coming nearer

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Some flashes from the guns.

The commander could watch the borders

Servant of king, Father of soldiers

We followed him and much was done

He sleeps somewhere, has gone.

Well, what a day! Through smoke and clouds

French people moved to us with sounds

And all to our redoubt…

So, dancers, clothes – full of colours.

So, Dragoons made a lot of fires

I had a look at Russian soldiers,

All they were killed, don’t look!

Have ever seen you any battles?

Where banners floated like shadows

In smoke the fire shone

The buckshot screamed and damask’s sounds

The fighters’ bodies hurt around

And bloody hills were built

By death who came to kill.

French people didn’t like “the dishes”

For Russians then they were delicious

With hands we tried to win.

The ground cried from our breathing

The day and night were tired of missing

With shots of thousands of weapons

The soldiers had to deal.

That dusk. And now I remember

With hands and bodies even trembling

We stood until the end.

Some noise of cracking drums appeared

Frenchmen retreated to the hill

Then we began to count wounds

To think of killed comrades

There were some people in my time

Not that, the current race, don’t mind

They couldn’t stand just feeling fine

What heroes – not you!

They had to share their fortunes badly

And from the fields returning hardly

If only Lord in fact wished battles

Wouldn’t you live, would you?

The writer described the events so well, the magic of the words came through my soul and my mind and caused a lot of feelings.

But what are these dolls, these pretty ballet-dancers? They are old-fashioned, but nice, aren’t they?

Танец фарфоровой куклы и оловянного солдатика

С двух сторон выносят портреты Наполеона и Кутузова

The battle of 1812


And Kutuzov

One was a real Frenchman?

Another was a real Russian

One was a soldier who became an emperor and dictator of France

Another was Suvorov’s pupil, the Commander of the Russian Army

One wanted to own all the world

Another didn’t let him make it

One thought he would never be arrested and die on the Island of St.Helen

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Another won a lot of battles in Izmail, Austria and Western Europe

Napoleon Bonaparte was the name of the first one

Mikhail Kutuzov was the name of the Russian general

The first one lived for 52 years

The second one – about 68 years

What was the result of the Borodino Battle?

The result was awfully sad…

Dead people, soldiers and officers

Ruined homes, buildings, churches

Hunger, poverty, destruction

Tears, cries. Prays

Diseases, death, orphans

No children coming from those who were killed or died during that time

На сцене появляется девушка для исполнения романса Б. Окуджавы «Кавалергарды»

My officers, the life is not long

That’s why you take it all In all

The tube is singing honest gold song

You hear somewhere swords’ ding-ing-don

The voice is coming from the saddle

And the commander’s still alive

But don’t you promise to a maiden

That you would love her all your life.

You won’t forget your peaceful laughing

If eve breaking into tears

You never find the world of lying

As long as blood is poured on fears.

No matter faces having shadows

The sun – the moon – you are the both

But you don’t promise to a maiden

An everlasting love on earth.

Champagne is flowing like a river

The face is pale, the eyes aren’t clear

Hands up and all seems to be clever

And all the friends seem to be near

The iron cross you chose wooden

Appears on horse-guard’s chest and falls

But don’t you promise to young maiden

An everlasting love on earth?

Versleichen wir zwei Kriege: Franzosen und Russen, Deutschen und Russen. Wer begann den Krieg?

Warum versuchte Europa immer unser Land zu erobern? Warum träumten Diktatoren Napoleon und Hietler Russland sich zu bemächtigen?

Der Hauptgedanke war verrückt – so ein großes Territorium wie Russland zu haben

und alle russische Menschen Sklaven zu machen.

Aber die Russen ergaben sich nichts. Wir sind kräftig und verlieren wir den Mut nicht.

Wir sind Patrioten von unserer Heimat.

The French “Grande Armee” began its invasion of Russia in June 16, 1812.

The Russian troops under the command of Count Michael Barclay de Tolly had to face the “Grande Armee” at Vilnius region,

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the remaining troops under general Pyotr Bagration would launch the attack to the French southern flank and rear.The enormous “Grande Armee” was more than enough to separate and crush both Russian armies at the same time.

Kutuzov organized a strong regular army under the command of general Konovsytsyn, and then ordered the Russian army to prepare for an incoming battle.

A defensive line was established in the best available position before reaching Moscow near the village of Borodino.

Kutuzov strengthened the line with the Raevski redoubt and with “Bagration fleches”

French and Russian units moved forward into impenetrable smoke. Infantry and cavalrymen had difficulty maneuvering over the heaps of corpses and masses of wounded.

Saxon cuirassiers and Polish lancers clashed with Russian cuirassiers, French and Russian cavalry clashed behind the Raevski redoubt.

The fall of Raevski redoubt didn’t have much meaning. Napoleon himself ordered his troops to retreat to the starting line.

Kutuzov understood that the Russian people never wanted to abandon Moscow, the city which was regarded as Russia’s “second capital”.

Taken as a one-day battle. This was the bloodiest battle of these series of conflicts and also the bloodiest battle since people used gunpowder in battlefields.

Have you ever visited a huge panorama representing the battle near Poklonnaya Hill? If not, you certainly do it.

In Russia, the Battle of Borodino is reenacted yearly on the first Sunday of September.

A commemorative one-ruble coin was released to the 175th anniversary of the Battle.

A minor planet 3544 Borodino discovered by Soviet astronomer Chernyakh in 1977 was named after the village Borodino.

Исполнение песни «Героям 1812 года»

Вы, чьи широкие шинели,

Напоминали паруса,

Чьи шпоры весело звенели

И голоса, и голоса…

И чьи глаза как бриллианты

На сердце оставляли след,

Очаровательные франты,

Очаровательные франты

Минувших лет…


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