Сценарий урока на тему «Match the English and Russian equivalents»

Цель: совершенствовать умения и навыки учащихся в употреблении пословиц на английском языке, развивать навыки употребления пословиц в монологической и диалогической речи, развивать познавательную активность учащихся, воспитывать уважение к стране изучаемого языка.

Оборудование: интерактивная доска, слайды, магнитофон, карточки

Группа делится на 2 команды, выбираются их названия, девиз или речевка, выбирается жюри из числа учащихся.

Ход мероприятия.

  1. Match the English and Russian equivalents.


Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched.


Не ошибается тот, кто ничего не делает.


Never buy a pig in a poke.


Любопытной Варваре нос оторвали.


He that never climbed never fell.


Человек предполагает, а Бог располагает.


A new broom sweeps clean.


Кто рано встает, тому Бог дает.


He laughs best who laughs last.


Хорошо там, где нас нет.


The early birds catches the worm.


В гостях хорошо, а дома лучше.


Curiosity killed the cat.


Цыплят по осени считают.


Give him an inch and he’ll take a yard (a mile).


Запретный плод сладок.


A friend in need is a friend indeed.


Не все коту масленица.


Man proposes, God disposes.


Дай ему палец, а он всю руку откусит.


Every cook praises his own broth.


Не покупай кота в мешке.


Every day is not Sunday.


Друг познается в беде.


East or West, home is best.


Хорошо смеется тот, кто смеется последним.


The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.


Всяк кулик свое болото хвалит.


Forbidden fruit is the sweetest.


Новая метла чисто метет.

1 – G

6 – D

11 – N

2 – K

7 – B

12 – I

3 – A

8 – J

13 – F

4 – O

9 – L

14 – E

5 — M

10 — C

15 — H

II. Fill in the missing words:

  1. ________________ killed the cat.

  2. ________________fruit is the sweetest.

  3. Don’t carry _____________ to Newcastle.

  4. The devil _____________ behind the cross.

  5. The ________ bird catches the __________ .

  6. The last ___________ broke the ___________ back.

  7. Don’t ___________ your _____________ in public.

  8. The _________ calls the ______________ black.

  9. It’s no ________ crying over _____________ milk.

  10. Every cook _____________ his ___________ .

  11. Don’t ___________ off more than you can ___________ .

  12. Man ______________ , God ______________ .

  13. Gardens are not made by ______________ in the __________ .

  14. He that would eat the ____________ must ___________ the nut.

  15. _______________ like chickens come home to ______________ .

  16. Don’t ______________ until you see the _______________ dead.

  17. He who would ___________ fish must not __________ getting _________ .

  1. No ___________ without pain.

  2. There is a small choice in ____________ apples.

  3. Haste makes _____________ .

  4. You will reap what you will _____________ .

  5. ________________ is the parent of _______________ .

  6. He that lives with _______________ learns to ____________ .

  7. _________________ is better part of _______________ .

  8. _______________ climbers have sudden _______________ .

  9. ________________ of silent man and ___________ water.

  10. Too many cooks ___________ the ____________ .

  11. A pound in the ____________ is ___________ two in a book.

  12. A _________________ in the hand is better than a bird in the __________ .

  13. _________ all, __________ all.

  14. ___________ waters have deep _______________ .

  15. He who would search for ___________ must ___________ for them.

  16. He that pays the ___________ calls the _____________ .

  17. Don’t ____________ your chickens before they _______ _____________ .

  1. Guess the proverbs (учитель показывает слайды, уч-ся подбирают подходящие по смыслу пословицы)

  1. Scrambled proverbs: Make up the proverbs using the words.

Uphill public the ground the hand must promises never a a than swept stools climbing gift hall two two skiing is is likes between in better he downhill to enjoy who fall you

Catch bird make count him the hand the the don’t are is in in chickens the bear bush have you your they sell a worth two king before before physicians hatched many

Mow fruit fleas it you you you you you you your shall would will with with must must lie lie he sow eat get up if bed down the the tree as as so on dogs climb that

Sink with he sweeps spoon soon that the the a a many learnt sups broom ship soon devil must forgotten have new long clean commanders

You you your fry painted two first caught catch catch so after hares hare the devil then none a fish black is is is will if it run not as he till never him cook

Mice country cat in nowhere the blind who who catches best the one-eyed is is is a a no gloves laughs laughs everywhere of king he he last in the

Without climbed poke the other never never never always sweat pig side of no fell grass buy he that a a the the greener sweet fence in on is

Untaught speaking speed thinks hen hen that than nose today it he less taught everybody better better a a a haste tomorrow great more ill of is than

  1. Presentation of the proverbs (подготовленное заранее задание – команды показывают инсценированные пословицы друг другу, другая команда пытается отгадать)

  1. Name the proverbs containing the following words:

Must, Better, Two, Catch, Never, Devil, Every (body/where)

  1. You will use the proverb if you want to say …

    1. that there is a limit to everything.

    2. that other people’s lives are better than yours

    3. “Don’t be impatient and don’t enjoy your triumph ahead of time.”

    4. “Accept the rules and customs of the society you visit, don’t break their laws”.

    5. “Try to be more careful and take care of yourself.”

    6. “Don’t hurry.”

    7. “You should get up early.”

    8. About the man who doesn’t notice his own faults or shortcomings but pays attention to the shortcomings of others.

    9. “You shouldn’t change your plans or the strategy chosen at the beginning at the decisive moment.”

    10. “Don’t be afraid to fail or lose if you want to achieve smth/your aim.”

    11. that not everything depends on us.

    12. “Don’t show the faults or the problems you have to other people.”

    13. that as you have no choice you have to be satisfied with small things.

    14. “Don’t be up in the clouds, be more practical.”

    15. “Don’t try to achieve several aims at the same time.”

    16. “Everything has its consequences. Every cause has its effect.»

  1. Give as many synonyms as you can.

  2. Подведение итогов, награждение победителей.

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