Темы для устной части ГИА по английскому языку

Темы для устной части ГИА по английскому языку

  1. The place where you live.

  2. Seasons of the year (how the weather changes every season, which season is your favorite, what you enjoy doing in different seasons and why).

  3. Your favorite writer.

  4. Plans for the next weekend.

  5. Your weekdays (which weekday is the busiest, how long it takes you to do homework, if you have enough time for your friends).

  6. Your best friend.

  7. Internet (how much time you spend surfing the Net, if the internet helps you to do homework, if you like the idea to contact with other people through the Internet).

  8. Your meals.

  9. Your school life.

  10. Your family.

  11. Your favorite holiday.

  12. The role of mass media in our life.

  13. The pollution of the environment.

  14. The role of English language in modern world.

  15. The problems of young people

  16. The kind of career you are interested in.

  17. Healthy lifestyle.

  18. Cinema.

  19. Sport in people’s life.

  20. The role of technology in present day life.

  21. The role of computer in our life.

  22. Pocket money.

  23. Living in a big city.

  24. Musical festival.

  25. Your favorite music.

  26. Mobile phones.

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