Тест на тему «Choose the right tense»

Тест на тему «Choose the right tense»

1. … she (belong) to this family?

a) Does … belong; b) Is … belonging.

2. I am thirsty. I (want) something to drink.

a) am wanting; b) want

3. I (feel) hungry. Let’s go somewhere to eat.

a) am feeling; b) feel.

4. It (rain) hard today, and the children (stay) at home all time.

a) rains; are staying; b) is raining; are staying.

5. … you (believe) in miracles?

a) Are … believing; b) Do … believe.

6. Do you see who (sit) in the room?

a) is sitting; b) sits

7. I used to drink tea, but today I (prefer) coffee.

a) prefer; b) am preferring.

8. He (think) about his old parents. Don’t bother him.

a) thinks; b) is thinking.

9. … you (see) that lady over there?

a) Do … see; b) Are … seeing.

10. Who is that gentleman? What he (want)?

a) does … want; b) is … wanting

11. I can’t understand why he (be) so rude.

a) is being; b) is.

12. “… you (mind) my smoking?”- I (not/mind) it a bit.

a) Do … mind; don’t mind; b) Are … minding; am not minding.

13. Do you know who (own) this house?

a) is owning; b) owns

  1. Present Perfect or Past Simple?

1. Gemma can’t find her keys. She (lose) them.

a) has lost; b) lost

2. The police (arrest) two men in connection with the robbery.

a) arrested; b) have arrested

3. A. Christie (write) more than seventy novels.

a) wrote; b) has written

4. I (watch) this film when I was a child.

a) watched; b) have watched

5. I (work) very hard this term. I need a rest.

a) worked; b) have worked

6. I (not / enjoy) this film. It was boring.

a) didn’t enjoy; b) have not enjoyed

7. “When … it (begin) snowing?” – “About an hour ago.”

a) has begun; b) did … begin

8. “… you (pass) your exams?” – “Not yet.”

a) Have … passed; b) Did… pass

9. … you (drive) a car before? You are nervous.

a) Did drive; b) Have driven

10. She (not / see) mom this morning. What about you?

a) didn’t see; b) hasn’t seen

11. I (talk) to him yesterday but we (not / talk) today.

a) talked; haven’t talked; b) haven’t talked; didn’t talk

12. “… she (finish) her report?” – “I’m sure, she (do) it.

a) Did… finish; did; b) Has … finished; has done

13. “How long … they (know) each other? – “I am not sure, I know.”

a) have … known; b) did … know

  1. Present Progressive or Present Perfect Progressive?

1. You look tired. … you (work) all day?

a) Are … working; b) Have … been working

2. ”How long … you (learn) Russian?” – “I still (learn) it.”

a) have … been learning; am … learning; b) are learning; have been … learning

3. “… it (snow)?” – “Come up to the window and see.”

a) Has… been snowing; b) Is … snowing.

4. “How long … we (fly)?” – “For three hours already.”

a) have … been flying; b) are … flying

5. I (look) for you since morning. Where have you been?

a) have been looking; b) am looking

6. Hurry up! They (wait) for us.

a) have been waiting b) are waiting

7. My blouse is not clean. I (paint) the photo frame.

a) am painting b) have been painting.

8. What language … they (speak)? Listen.

a) are … speaking; b) have … been speaking

9. “… you (wait) long, Jane?” – “Actually, not very long.”

a) Have … been waiting b) Are waiting

10. “What … they do?” – “They (draw).”

a) are … doing; are drawing; b) have… been doing; have been drawing

11. You look upset. What … you (think) about?

a) are … thinking; b) have been thinking

12. She (talk) on the phone for half an hour already.

a) has been talking; b) is talking

13. What … you (do) since Monday?

a) have … been doing; b) are … doing

D. Present Perfect or Present Perfect Progressive?

1. How long … you (read) this book?

  1. Have … been reading; b) have … read

2. “Is it still raining?” – “No, it (stop).”

  1. has been stopping; b) has stopped

3. How long … you (teach) English?

a) have … been teaching; b) have taught

4. “Are you in touch with them?” — “They (not / phone) me yet, since we met on Monday.”

a) have not been phoning; b) have not phoned

5. You shouldn’t go out, because it (rain) all day.

a) has been raining; b) has rained

6. We (not / been) to the south for ages.

a) have not been being; b) haven’t been

7. His house is rather old. How long … he (live) there.

a) has … lived; b) has … been living

8. Jack gave up smoking. He (not / smoke) for a year.

a) hasn’t smoked; b) hasn’t been smoking

9. “… you ever (swim) in the ocean?” – “Never.”

a) Have … swum; b) Have … been swimming

10. I (read) the book you gave me but my sister (not / finish) it yet.

a) have read; hasn’t finished; b) have read; haven’t been finishing

11. You work at school. How long … you (work) there?

a) have … been working; b) have worked

12. How long … you (have) your English lessons?

a) have … had; b) have … been having

13. ”Mom (bring) some oranges today. Where are they?”

a) has been bringing; b) has brought

KEYS: A. 1-a) 2-b) 3-b) 4-a) 5-b) 6-a) 7-a) 8-b) 9-a) 10-a) 11-b) 12-a) 13-b)

B. 1-a) 2-b) 3-b) 4-a) 5-b) 6-a) 7-b) 8-a) 9-b) 10-b) 11-a) 12-b) 13-a)

C. 1-b) 2-a) 3-b) 4-a) 5-a) 6-b) 7-b) 8-a) 9-a) 10-a) 11-a) 12-a) 13-a)

В. 1-a) 2-b) 3-a) 4- b) 5-a) 6-b) 7-b) 8-b) 9-a) 10-a) 11a) 12-a) 13-b)

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