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Test. «Be tolerant and you will prevent conflicts» 9th form.

1.The declaration of Human rights was important because…

a) it appeared after the war

b) it could prevent wars.

2. To prevent wars people should…

a) be tolerant of other cultures, religions, ideas and the values of other people

b) fight for their rights

3. To be tolerant means:

a) to respect the rights of other people

b) to disagree with opinions and values that are different from yours.

4. Building peace begins in your family and in your… with friends.

a) opinion

b) equality

c) relation.

5. People … when their rights are not respected.

a) suffer

b) happen

c) discriminate

6. People should have the right to liberty, … people’s right to be free must be observed

a) by other words

b) in other words

c) in a word

7.It’s … to prevent all conflicts between countries.

a) difficult

b) impossible

c) possible

8. In the Soviet Union the number of victims of the Second World war exceeded…

a) twelve million people

b) hundreds million people

c) twenty million people

9. Militarism…

a) related to “tolerance”

b) opposite of “tolerance”

10. To discriminate means…

a) to be tolerant

b) to prevent

c) to bully

11. Violence means…

a) liberty

b) cruelty

c) equality

12. Pluralism is a position when people have… on the same matter

a) different opinions

b) the same opinions

c) disagree

13…. is when we use people in our interests, for our profit.

a) racism

b) militarism

c) exploitation

14. A peacemaker…

a) fights against the rights of people

b) make all governments observe human rights.

15. Finish the phrase “I think I am tolerant because…”

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