Тест по теме «Present Simple»

Present Simple

1. Открой скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present Simple.

  1. In the morning I (go) to school.

  2. After school I sometimes (play) tennis.

  3. My sister also (go) to school.

  4. After school she often (dance) in the club.

  5. My father (work) at hospital. He (go) there on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

  6. He never (go) there on Sunday.

  7. My mother and brother always (stay) at home.

  8. Peter and our dog Basket usually (play) in the garden.

  9. On Sunday we (go) to church.

  10. And Mum (prepare) Sunday roast.

№2. Сделай предложения отрицательными.

  1. We play a lot of games at school.

a)play not b) does not play c)don’t play

2. We play computer games.

a) doesn’t play b) don’t play c) play not

3. I do experiments alone.

a) doesn’t do b)don’t do c) don’t

4. The teacher speaks French.

a)don’t speaks b) doesn’t speaks c) doesn’t speak

5. Our parrot talks.

a) doesn’t talk b)don’t talk c) doesn’t talks

№3. Ответь на вопросы

  1. Do you go to school?

  2. Does your mother often prepare tasty dishes?

  3. Does your father play any musical instruments?

  4. Do your grandparents watch TV in the evening?

  5. Do your friends play basketball every day?

  6. What do you like reading?

  7. What sports do your friends like?

  8. Where do you live?

  9. When does your mother work?

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