Тест в 4 классе по английскому языку

4th form Unit 2 Test yourself

  1. Look at the picture and mark the sentences below T(true) or F(false):

  1. It is a bedroom. ______

  2. It is not a kitchen._______

  3. There is a desk in the right corner. _____

  4. There are some shelves above the desk. _____

  5. There is a computer under the desk. ______

  6. There is no wardrobe in the room. ______

  7. You can see a nice lamp between the bed and the desk. _____

  8. They have got a clock on the wall. _____

  9. There are two pictures above the bed. _____

  10. There is a carpet on the floor. _____

  1. Fill in is or are:

  1. Behind the door there …. a green sofa.

  2. There … a clock on the shelf in the corner.

  3. There … a lot of pupils in the classroom.

  1. There … ten pencils and two pens in the pencil box.

  2. There … no fireplace in the living room.

  3. There … no windows in the pantry.

  1. Match the Russian and the English sentences:

  1. There is a big armchair at the table.

  2. There are no books on the shelves.

  3. There is a nice brown table in the middle of the room.

  4. There is a fireplace between the window and the sofa.

  5. There is no carpet in the left corner of the living room.

  1. Между окном и диваном есть камин.

  2. В середине комнаты красивый коричневый стол.

  3. У стола большое кресло.

  4. На полках нет книг.

  5. В левом углу гостиной нет ковра.

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