Урок английского на тему «What colour is it?»

What colour is it?



Филиал Учреждения «Колледж имени Кумаша Нургалиева»

(ГУ «Школа-Лицей»)

Чернякова Елена Николаевна

Учитель английского языка

The Theme: What colour is it?

Skills: Vocabulary and speaking


  1. Educational:

  • To use active vocabulary in oral speech

  • Introduction of new words

  • To improve speaking confidence

  1. Practical:

  • To develop children’s memory by repeating some difficult words for children

  • To develop and practice speaking skills

  • To develop children’s activity on the lesson

  1. Cultural:

  • To develop children’s interest in learning English

Grammar Structures:

  • Questions: “What colour is it?”;

  • Adjectives.

Inter-subject connection: practice of speech, practical grammar.

Type of lesson: mixed.

Methods of teaching: demonstration, exercises, instruction, practice.

The equipment of the lesson:

Visual aids: Cards, pictures, text-book, whiteboard, Presentation.

Literature: English text-book for the 5th form by T.Ayapova and others. Алматы, «Атамура». 2005.

Duration of the lesson: 45.

Level: 5 form.

The procedure of the lesson:

Stage of the lesson



Teacher’s activity

Students’ activity

1.Organization moment


  • Getting acquainted with the pupils

  • Preparing pupils to the lesson

Teacher greets students:

Good morning children! I’m glad to see you! My name is Yelena Nickolayevna. I’ll teach you English. Let’s begin our lesson. Today we’ll check up your homework, learn new words and learn new question: “What colour is it?” (Slide 1-2)

Good morning teacher!

2. Presentation of the theme


  • To develop students’ activity on the lesson

Teacher asks students:

What theme do these words refer to? … Right, today we will speak about colours.”

What colour is it?”

3. Warm up


  • Improving of the sounds pronunciation

  • Studying new vocabulary

Teacher asks students:

Look here, people, at the board (Slide 3). Listen and repeat these words.”

Key words: black, blue, red, brawn, white, yellow, orange, pink, green, grey.

Students look at the board and read those words.

4. Grammar: question:

What colour … ?”



Grammar rules explanation

  • Grammar rule fixation

  • Vocabulary fixation

Today we’ll learn new question: “What colour is … ?” and adjectives (black, blue, red, brawn, white, yellow, orange, pink, green, grey).

Look at the board and see some pictures of meaning these words. Try to suspect their meaning. (Slide 4).

S1, S2 … Students look at the board and try to name it.


  • Vocabulary fixation

Good for you!

Look at the board (Slide 5). Here you can see some pictures and some groups of words. Try to suspect their meaning and circle the correct word in each group of words.

Students look at the board, read those words and circle the correct word.


  • Vocabulary fixation

Very nice!

Now, look at the board (Slide 6). Here you can see colours crossword. Can you name these pictures? And write the complete words for the colours there (in the correct order)… and then put the words into the grid.

Answers: (Slide 7)

S1, S2… Working colours crossword


— Vocabulary fixation


Now, look at the board (Slide 8). Here you can see colours wordsearch. Search for the words. They are hidden left to right and down.

Answers: (Slide 9)

S1, S2… Working colours wordsearch


— Vocabulary fixation*

Now, I’ll hand out you these cards, where you can see some pictures, drawing. You must paint them. You have 5 minutes. Then I’ll check up it.

S1, S2… Working crossword puzzles

5. Giving the home task


  • Home task explanation

Your home task will be “Coloured pens”.

Now, I’ll hand out you cards “Coloured pens”, where you can see crossword, pens and shit of paper. In your imagination, pick up these pens one by one – taking the top one each time. Then write the complete words for the colours there (in the correct order)… and then put the words into the grid.

Is everything clear for you? Please, ask questions, who didn’t understand.

S1: …

S2: …

6. Conclusion and assessment


  • Sum up

Well, students, today we learnt a lot. We learnt some new words and grammar material. I hope you like today’s lesson. Thank you for your activeness. The lesson is over. Good-bye. (Slide 10)


* Если на уроке останется свободное время, то можно выполнить данное ДОПОЛНИТЕЛЬНОЕ задание.

Список использованных источников

  1. English Puzzles 1, Heinemann Games Series

  2. English Puzzles 2, Heinemann Games Series

  3. Word by Word picture dictionary, by Steven J.Molinsky, Bill Bliss (+Audio)

  4. УМК «English-5» Авторы: T. Аяпова. Алматы, «Атамура». 2005г.

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