Урок английского языка «Устойчивые сочетания»

Устойчивые сочетания



Артикль отсутствует

The other day

The day after tomorrow

The day before yesterday

In the morning

In the afternoon

In the evening

In the plural

In the singular

In the past

In the present

On the whole

On the one hand…on the other hand

Out of the question

Just the same

By the by

By the way

To play the piano(guitar, etc)

What’s the time?

To tell the time

To tell the truth

To go to the cinema (theatre)

To listen to the radio

In the country/to the country

A few

A little

A lot of

A great deal of

As a rule

As a result

For a while

In a low(loud) voice

To be at a loss

To be in a hurry

To go for a walk

To have a good time

To tell a lie

It is a pity.

It is a pleasure.

It is a shame.

What a shame!

Однократные действия

To make a mistake

To take a seat

To give smb a lift

To catch a cold

To give a look

To have a rest

At breakfast(dinner, lunch, supper)

At first

At first time

At home/at work

At peace

At war

At school

At table

By chance

By heart

By name

By mistake

By means of

In time

To ask permission

To be in bed/go to bed

To go by bus (tram, train)

To go by water (air, sea, land)

To go to school

To go to town/be in town

To tell lies

To play hockey(chess, tennis)

To go home/ go to work

To watch TV

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