Урок английского языка в 7 классе «Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleyev – a great Russian scientist»

Урок английского языка в 7 классе

«Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleyev – a great Russian scientist»

Тип урока: комбинированный

Цель урока: расширить и углубить знания учащихся о великом русском ученом Д. И. Менделееве.

Класс: 7

Литература: https://www.homeenglish.ru/ArticlesMendeleev.htm



Ход урока.

  • Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Today we are going to speak about great Russian scientist D. I . Mendeleev.

  • What do you know about this personality? (A great Russian scientist, a world-known chemist, a public leader, a correspondent member of the Academy of Sciences).

  • To warm up do exercise 1.

Exercise 1

Write down as many words as you can


  • To get more information about his life I’d like you to read the following text.


Read the text, put the abstracts into the necessary order. Think of the title.

A Mendeleev’s parents were Maria Mendeleeva and Ivan Mendeleev. He was the seventeenth child in his family. His father worked as a teacher. Maria Mendeleeva worked in the glass factory which belonged to her family. When Mendeleev was 13 he entered the Gymnasium in Tobolsk.

B From 1859 to 1861 Mendeleev worked in Heidelberg. In April 1862 he married Feozva Nikitichna Leshcheva. Two years later Mendeleev became a professor at the Saint Petersburg Technological Institute. In 1865 he became a professor at Saint Petersburg State University. The same year Mendeleev completed his dissertation «On the Combinations of Water with Alcohol».

C Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev was born on 8 February 1834 near Tobolsk. He was a great Russian scientist, talented chemist. He is best known for his development of the periodic law of the properties of the chemical elements.

D In 1849 his family moved to Saint Petersburg. In 1850 Mendeleev joined the Main Pedagogical Institute. Later Mendeleev became a science master of the Simferopol.

F After this, Mendeleyev tried to classify the elements according to their chemical properties. In 1869 he published his first version of what became known as the periodic table, in which he demonstrated the periodic law. In two years he published the second version, in which he left the gaps for elements that were not yet known. By 1871 Saint Petersburg was known as a center for chemistry research.

E Mendeleev got a lot of awards from different scientific organizations but he resigned from Saint Petersburg University in 1890. Three years later Mendeleev became Director of the Bureau of Weights and Measures. His task was to formulate new standards of measures. Mendeleev worked out new principles of metrology.

At the age of 73 Dmitri Mendeleev died of influenza in Saint Petersburg.








Property – свойство

To belong – принадлежать

Master of Science – Магистр наук

Gap – пропуск

Award — награда

Exercise 2.

Think of the possible Russian equivalents

Periodic table

Chemical symbol

Chemical element

Non metal

Inert gases

Periodic law

Metric system


Atomic weight

— After reading match the date and the event.

Exercise 3.

Look through the text again and match the date and the fact

1907 A famous periodic table appeared

1859 Mendeleev was born

1869 A great scientist died

1893 He finished his work on water and alcohol

1834 Mendeleev lived and worked in Germany

1865 Mendeleev started to develop the principles of metrology

  • As you understood from the text the most important discovery made by D. I. Mendeleev was the Periodic Table. When did the periodic table appear? (1869)

  • Read exercise 2 and choose true or false.

Exercise 4.

Write True (T )or False(F)

1. Each element has 2 cells in the table.

2. There are 7 periods in the Periodic table.

3. The Periodic table has 8 groups.

4. All the elements are classified as metals and non metals.

5. There are 108 chemical elements in the table.

— I hope, you liked the lesson and got more information about such a famous scientist. If you have questions, you may ask me.

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