Урок для 7 класса на тему «Употребление артиклей с именами собственными»

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«ДСОШ №3″

Проверочная работа по английскому языку

для 7 класса

УМК Happy English.ru

К.И. Кауфман, М.Ю. Кауфман

Предмет: английский язык

Класс: 7

Учитель: Н.Г. Корнилова

Цель работы: оценить уровень полученных знаний учащихся по теме «Употребление артиклей с именами собственными»

Форма проведения работы: грамматический тест

Test for the 7th form.

  1. Fill in the gaps. Write a, an, the or – (no article).

a.      _____ Statue of Liberty was____gift of friendship from _____ France to __ United States.

b.    ____ deepest lake in the world is ____Lake Baikal..

c.      ____ Lake Erie is one of _____ five Great Lakes in ____ North America.

d.     On our trip to _____ Spain, we crossed ____ Atlantic Ocean.

e.      While we were in ____ Alaska, we saw _____ Eskimo village.

f.       There is ___post office in ___West Street.

g.     . I had ____beautiful suntan after my holiday in ____Turkey.

h.      ____ Queen Elizabeth II is _____ monarch of _____ Great Britain.

i.        ____ Architect designs buildings.

j.        We arrived in ____ Paris on ____ third of August.

  1. Fill in the gaps. Write the or – (no article).

a.      ____ Kevin lives in ____ Coronation Street. 

b.     Have you ever been to ____ National Theatre and ___ British Museum?

c.     ____ Manila is the capital of ____ Philippines.

d.      There are two cinemas in our town — ____ Regan and  ____ Plasa.

e.      ____ Rocky Mountains are in ____ North America.

f.        «Where are you staying ?»  «At ____ Intercontinental Hotel».

g.       ____ National Gallery is in ____ Trafalgar Square in ____ London.

h.     In ____ London, ____ Houses of Parliament are beside ____ Thames.

i.        ____ Panama canal joins ____ Atlantic Ocean and ____ Pacific Ocean.

j.    If you sail from ____ Britain to ____ Denmark you cross ____ North Sea

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