Урок для 8 класса на тему «THE EARTH NEEDS A FRIEND, DOESN’T IT ?»




Цель урока: Развитие и совершенствование навыков аудирования, чтения, говороения и

письма по теме «Проблемы экологии»


I Warmup

II Фонетическая зарядка

T: Read the words on the blackboard and say what common sound is in each column:

Polute factory influence nowadays collect

pour badge number study member

dump habitat nature danger protect

T: Make up a word from these sounds. What is it?

P: It is PANDA

III Речевая зарядка

T: Answer my questions: P’s answers:

  • What is panda? — It’s an animal.

  • You can see it on a special badge, can’t you? — Yes, we can.

  • What organization does it belong to? — It belongs toWWF

  • What is WWF? -Worldwide Fund for Nature

  • What other ecological organizations do you know? — I know Greenpeace.

  • Would you like to be a memder of WWF or -Yes, I would. There are a lot of

Greenpeace? Why? Ecological problems. We can


IV Развитие навыка аудирования

T: You are right. There are a lot of ecological problems in the world. Let’s listen to the text

“Rainforests”( ex.1 p.156) about one of them.

-What, do you think the text is about?

-What are rainforests?

— Do you know where they are? On what continent?

  1. Первое аудирование.

T: Were you right? What ecological problem is the text about?

  1. Второе аудирование.

T: Listen to the text once more and complete the sentences from the ex.1

  1. Учащиеся дополняют предложения и читают их.

T: Why rainforests are important?

V Развитие навыка чтения и устной речи на основе текста

T: The problem of rainforests is rather serious but there are many others.

Now let’s read what some people think about ecological problems ( ex.2 p.163 ).

  1. Самостоятельное чтение текста.

T: Read the text yourselves and say what ecological problems are discussed in it.

  1. T: Pay attention the title “What can I do?” and say which of these ideas you agree with

and why.

VI Защита проектов. Развитие навыка устной речи.

T: Children, you shouldn’t be passive! Look at the blackboard and read the question( тема

урока ). Is it so?

Remember, at the last lesson we decided to found the Young Ecologists Club. You worked

in groups and, I suppose, you are ready to report about your projects.

  1. 1 group: We have made the badge of our club ( демонстрируют значки и рассказывают

о том, что изобразили и почему)

2) 2 group: We went for a walk and did some photos ( фото автомобильных пробок,

мусорных свалок и т.д. Говорят о загрязнении воздуха, воды, почвы )

3) 3 group: We would like to tell about some endanged species of plants and animals

( презентация “ Animals in danger” )

VII Развитие навыка письма

T: Now let’s make a conclusion.

  1. Discuss in pairs what you can do to solve environmental problems.

  2. Write the ideas in your excersice-books.

  3. Read your sentences.

VIII Итоги урока. Домашнее задание. Оценки.

T: You worked hard at the lesson. I think you are real friends of our planet and you can help it

to servive.

H.W. ex.7 p.167 (read the text)

Ex.8 p.168 ( answer the questions )

Your marks for the lesson are…..

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