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Интернет ресурсы:

  1. https://www.english-cartoons.com/ мультфильм «Little bear»

  2. https://mega-mult.ru мультфильм «Muzzy in Gondoland»

  3. https://go.mail.ru/ советские мультфильмы на английском языке

  4. https://antigorod.com самый первый мультик

I want to watch cartoons!


The teacher:

— Hello, everybody! How are you? Today I want to speak to you about my hobby. I like to watch cartoons. (опрос учащихся, учителей)

-And now, you see, we have divided you into two teams. Let’s make a competition. But at first I want you to guess my favorite cartoon. So, listen to me. This cartoon is about a little bee, about its adventures; we get to know everything about the nature, animals and insects.

The children:

— “ The bee Maya”.

-Yes, you are right. Do you know any other cartoons? (Соревнование между командами)

Winnie the Pooh

-Mickie Mouse


-Tom and Jerry


-Peter Pan

-Alice in Wonderland

-Jungle Maugly

-Ice Age


-The Golden fish

-Sleeping Beauty


-Snow White and the seven Dwarfs

-Leopold Cat

-Moidodir, etc.


The teacher:

-Very good. There are a lot of them. Now let’s guess the cartoons:

1) He is old. He is very kind. He helps everybody when somebody is ill. (Doctor Aibolit)

2) He is fat. He is short. He likes jam. He can fly.(Karlson)

3) He is fat too. He is short. He likes to eat honey. He can sing songs. (Winnie the Pooh)

4) She is a very nice girl, but she wears bad, dirty and old clothes, because she has a strict stepmother. She does everything at home: cleans the rooms, washes-up, washes the floor. (Cinderella)


The teacher:

-Good, excellent. So look at these pictures. (Winnie the Pooh, Karlson and Doctor Aibolit) What can you tell about these heroes? (Учащиеся рассказывают)


The teacher:

— Do you know what cartoon is the first one in the world?


— If you don’t, let’s watch it. It’s called “Humorous phases of funny faces”. It was made in 1906 in the USA.

(watching the cartoon)

The teacher:

  • What can you say? What do you think? What can you say about the colors?

  • So, you, see, these cartoons are very primitive. Did you like it?


The teacher:

— And now let’s watch a cartoon about a little bear. But at first the new words:

Magician, disappear, magic, it’s gone, close your eyes, owl. (повторение хором, перевод)

(watching the portion of the cartoon “Little bear”)

The teacher:

— So, what about this cartoon? Did you like it? What can you say about the heroes? Who are they? Tell me, please, about the colours.



The teacher:

-If you want to learn more words, want to practice your English, you can watch educational cartoons. For example, this one. Please, be attentive, I’ll ask some questions. (watching the portion of the cartoon “Muzzy in Gondorlands”)


  1. What is this cartoon about?

  2. What seasons do you know?

  3. How many months are there in the year?

  4. Days of week?


The teacher:

-Do you know that our Russian cartoons are very popular in Britain and the USA? What do you think what cartoons are popular in England and America? Of course, they are translated into English. (опрос). And now let’s watch them. But then you will tell me the titles. (watching the cartoons)

— Crocodile Gena



-Winnie the Pooh

The teacher:

-As you see, cartoons are very nice, funny and colourful. As for me, I enjoy them. And now let’s try to make our cartoon. I’ll give you these papers where you can read the text as the heroes of the cartoon “Winnie the Pooh”.

Winnie: Now I really look like a cloud!

Winnie and Piglet: Where we go with a Piglet

Is a big-big secret!!!

Winnie: Please, blow the balloon!

Piglet: Aha! Psh-psh-psh-psh

Winnie: psh-psh-psh

Winnie: Let me go!

Piglet: Aha!

Winnie: Is it good?

Piglet: Yes!

Winnie: Whom do I look like?

Piglet: A bear who is flying with a balloon.

Winnie: But don’t I look like a cloud?

Piglet: Not very!

Winnie: OK. May be from here I look like a cloud.

Bz bz bz bz

Winnie: Piglet!

Piglet: What?

Winnie: I think, the bees are suspecting something wrong.

Piglet: What are they suspecting?

Winnie: I don’t know. But they behave themselves very fishy.

Piglet: May be they think, that you want to take their honey…

Winnie: Piglet, it seems to me, they don’t believe that I’m a cloud.

Piglet: What to do?

Winnie: Open the umbrella and go to and through. I will sing a song. And you look at me and say: “ It’s going to rain”

Piglet: It’s going to rain. It’s going to rain. It’s going to rain.

Winnie: I’m a cloud, cloud, cloud.

I’m not a bear.


Piglet: What?

Winnie: Oh, I have understood, they are not right bees. And may be they make wrong honey. I’ll go down.

Piglet: It’s going to rain. But how?

Winnie: I haven’t thought about it yet.

Piglet: It’s going to rain…

Winnie: Piglet!

Piglet: What?

Winnie: Have you got a gun at home?

Piglet: Yes, I have.

Winnie: Go and bring it. Be quick!

In the blue, blue sky

There is an order,

That’s why all the clouds

Sing songs merrily.

Oh, Piglet!

Piglet: I’m here!

Winnie: Shoot!!!

Piglet: puh!!!

Winnie: Where are you shooting?

Piglet: I’m shooting bees, of course.

Winnie: Not the bees! You must shoot the balloon!!!

Piglet: The balloon?!? But if I shoot the balloon, it will be spoiled!

Winnie: If you don’t shoot, I will be spoiled!

Piglet: puh!!!

Winnie: oh,oh,oh!!!



The teacher:

— And now let’s guess the music of the cartoons.

The teacher:

-So our game-lesson has come to its end. Please, watch cartoons instead of playing useless computer games!

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