Урок на тему «Mark Twain is a famous writer»

Муниципальное общеобразовательное учреждение средняя общеобразовательная школа

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Урок на тему «Mark Twain is a famous writer»

Тимофеева Лариса Сергеевна

учитель иностранного языка

МОУ СОШ№2 с.Чернолесского


Ход мероприятия.

Teacher: Good afternoon, dear friend. We have gathered together today to speak about Mark Twain. I am sure that everybody knows this famous American write and his famous characters: Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn and others. Mark Twain’s birthday was some days ago, on the 30th of November during our party you’ll. Learn when he was born, what his real name was and other facts about this humorist. Three teams from different forms take part in out competition. Now, let me introduce our jury:…

Now, let’s begin our competition. I’d like to invite the 1st team/

1-й тур. Разминка.

В течение 1-й минуты команда отвечает на вопросы ведущего. Каждый правильный ответ – 1 очко. В то время, как одна команда отвечает на вопросы, остальные участники двух других команд находятся за дверью, так как блок вопросов для всех одинаков.

Teacher. The first round consists of questions and answers. One minute only will be given to our participants. The team can score 14 points: every correct answer means 1 point.


  1. In what month was Mark Twain born? (November).

  2. What was real name? (Samuel Clemens).

  3. On what river did he spend his boyhood? (On the Mississippi River).

  4. Why did he have to leave school at the age of 12? (Because his father died).

  5. Was he an English writer or an American one? (American).

  6. In what book did he describe his life on the Mississippi? (“Life on the Mississippi”.)

  7. When was his first short story published? (In 1867.)

  8. When was “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’’ published? (In 1876.)

  9. What was the second book about this naughty boy? (“The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”.)

  10. What 2 professions did he have before he began to write? (A printer, a pilot.)

  11. What was the girlfriend’s name of Tom Sawyer? (Becky Thatcher.)

  12. What was the aunt’s name of Tom? (Polly)

  13. At what age did M. Twain die? (74)

  14. What is the title of the book in which 2 boys (one rich and one poor) changed their clothes? (“The Prince and the Pauper”.)

2-й тур. Драматизация.

В этом туре участники команд демонстрируют своё домашние задание (инсценировку отрывка).

Жюри оценивает и подводит итоги двух конкурсов-туров.

3-й тур. Ты — мне, я — тебе.

Во время подготовки к калейдоскопу каждая команда готовит три вопроса к командам-соперницам. Отвечает та команда, которая первой подняла руку. Правильный ответ – 1 очко.

Teacher: Our participants have prepared questions for their opponents. Now, every team will ask question and after 30 seconds the other 2 teams should give answers.

Questions – answers (3 questions from each team).

4-й тур. Импровизационная драматизация.

Teacher: We have seen how our participants can act. They are good at doing it. Now I’d like to give them one short story written by M. Twain which they should perform after 10 minutes (the teacher gives the story “The King and the Painter” by M. Twain to every team).

Teams leave the hall.

Конкурс болельщиков.

Teacher: While our participants are preparing their performance let’s listen to some surprises which you have prepared for each other.

3 surprises (номера художественной самодеятельности).

Если команды ещё не готовы, то можно предложить болельщикам кроссворд.


  1. The boyfriend’s name of Tom Sawyer (Finn).

  2. The style of the book “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”? (Adventure.)

  3. What kind of book “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”? (Novel)

5. What river was M. Twain born? (Mississippi.)

6. What kind of boy was Tom Sawyer? (Naughty)

7. The real name of M. Twain? (Samuel)


  1. In what month was M. Twain born? (November)

  1. The nationality of M. Twain? (American)

  2. What was M. Twain? (Writer)

  3. The aunt’s name of Tom Sawyer? (Polly)

  4. With whom did the Pauper change his clothes? (Prince)

5-й тур. Драматизация рассказа “The King and the Painter”.


ДЕЙСТВУЮЩИЕ ЛИЦА: a story-teller, a king, a painter.

Story-teller: There was a king who thought that he could paint very well. His pictures were bad, but the people to whom he showed them were afraid of the king. They all said that they liked his pictures very much.

One day the king showed his pictures to a great painter who lived in his country and asked:

King: I want to know what you think of my pictures. Do you like them? Am I a good painter or not?

Painter: My King? I think that your pictures are bad, and that you will never be a good painter.

Story-teller: The king was very angry and sent the painter to prison. After 2 years the king wanted to see the painter again.

King: I was angry with you, because you didn’t like my pictures. Now I forget all about it. You are a free man again, and I am your friend.

Story-teller: For many hours the king talked with the painter and even asked him for dinner. After dinner the king showed his pictures to the painter and asked:

King: Well, how do you like them now?

Story-teller: The painter didn’t answer anything. He turned to the soldier, who was near him and said.

Painter: Take me back to prison.

III. Подведение итогов. Награждение.

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