Урок на тему «What do we know about Australia?»

«What do we know about Australia?»

Цель урока: формирование коммуникативной компетентности обучающихся на основе страноведческого материала об Австралии.
Задачи урока: ознакомление обучающихся с текстом о географических особенностях Австралии;
-отработка навыков чтения, говорения, письма при выполнении упражнений к тексту;
-формирование навыков работы в группе.

Ход урока.

I Орг момент
-Good morning, children! I`m glad to meet you all.
Сообщение темы урока
— Today we are going to talk about an unusual country. Ancient people called it “Terra Australis
Incognita” or” the Unknown Southern Land”. Can you guess the name of the country? Yes, you are right! It is Australia.(слайд 1)
Сообщение целей и задач урока:So, at this lesson we will… (слайд 2)

II Основная часть
Фонетическая зарядка
But first let`s learn to pronounce some useful words. Look at the proper names on your sheets of paper. Repeat them after me, please.(Student`s Book,ex.19,p.286)
That was great! Thank you!

Quiz. Let`s check what do you know about Australia. Answer the questions of the quiz. (слайды 3-9)
Excellent! It`s good that you already know some facts about Australia. It will help you during this lesson.

Работа с текстом
Now it`s time for team work. Please look at your desks. You all have got sheets of paper with the text “The Unknown Southern Land”. And both teams have some sheets with the tasks.(слайд 10)
Please, look at the task A. What`s written there? Right! Answer the questions. There are three of them for each team.
Task B is to correct the statements. That means that you must say “True”, “False” or “Don`t know” if you can`t find the information in the text. The text is the key to all these tasks.
Task C is o look at the map and find the answer there. You have maps in your texts and on the screen(слайд 11)
In task D you have to speak about an Australian city. Use the cards to build sentences.

Have you understood everything? Good children! Now please choose the task you will do. All tasks must be done by the team. You have 5 minutes for it. On we go!

Why don`t we do some exercise? Please, copy my words and movements.

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The ocean is deep,
The mountains are high,
The desert is wide,
Australia, good – bye!

Проверка устных ответов
All right, it`s time to begin answering. Please, Task A, question 1 – team I is the first to answer…

You`ve done a really good job! Both teams worked hard to achieve excellent results. Now let`s check what we remember from this lesson.
You have to fill in the missing words in the short story about Australia. Try and do your best! Than we will check the answers as a class.
(слайд 12) Well done! I`m pleased with you!

III Заключительная часть
Подведение итогов урока
Boys and girls, I have really enjoyed the time we spent together. You were great! Now let`s look at the results of our work. (слайд 13)

Домашнее задание.
Isn`t that a good results? Of course, it is! And your homework will once more prove that you are intelligent and creative. (слайд 14). At home think and make a crossword puzzle on the topic “Australia” and give it to your classmates at the next lesson.

Выставление оценок.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson. Thank you very much. You will continue talking about Australia at the next lesson. Good-bye!

Student`s Book,ex.20,p.286-288

The Unknown Southern Land.

Even the medieval times there were stories about a large continent in the Southern Hemisphere. But Europeans had never seen it. They wondered what it was like and whether it was inhabited. They called this land Terra Australis Incognita, or “the Unknown Southern Land”-Australia.
Nowadays when people speak of Australia they can mean three things: 1) Australia as a continent; 2) Australia as an island and 3) Australia as an independent country. Australia is the world`s largest island and its smallest continent. Asia as a continent nearest to Australia in the north. The icy shores of Antarctica lie to the south. New Zealand is to the east. To the west of Australia stretches the vast Indian Ocean. In the east the continent is washed by the Pacific Ocean.
Australia is a land of striking differences. In the centre of the continent and in the west more than 50% of the land is desert – dry and uninhabited. There are three deserts there – the Great Sandy Desert, the Great Victoria Desert and the Gibson Desert, situated between them. Naturally very few people live there. Most of them live on the narrow coasts of the east and southeast. Main cities, where people live among tall office buildings, automobile plants and busy factories, are also situated there.
In the northeast, tropical forests cover the coast. In the mountains of the southeast the snow lies for seven months of the year.

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Fill in the blanks in the text.

Australia is the _______________ continent in the world, but is the only country that occupies the whole _______________. It is situated in the Southern ___________. It is washed by the __________________Ocean in the west. There are three ____________ in the centre of the continents and in the west. Most people live in the __________ and __________ of Australia. The capital of the country is ____________.

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по английскому языку
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What do we know about Australia
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