Конспект урока для 10 класса «Kazakhstan is my Motherland»

Исмагулова Гульжан Куздыбаевна

Level: 10-th form

Subject: English

Theme: Kazakhstan is my Motherland.

Цели и задачи урока:

1.Развивающая : развивать навыки и умения монологической устной речи

2.Образовательная: Закрепить изученную лексику в монологической и диалогической речи.

3.Воспитательные задачи: Воспитание патриотических чувств к своей родине.Развитие познавательной деятельности учащихся.

Методы:интерактивный,словесный, наглядный,практический.

Оборудование и оснащение урока:флаг,интерактивная доска,компьютер ,слайды, раздаточный материал

Ход урока:

I.Организационный момент: а) Приветствие.

б)Сообщение целей урока.

T: Good morning boys and girls! Today we shall speak about our country, our Motherland. Kazakhstan has always been a country of rich culture and beautiful places.As you know we celebrated the Independence Day of Kazakhstan. On the 16-th of December 1991 a Declaration about the Independence of Kazakhstan was adopted.20 years have passed since that memorable date. Now our country has its own flag,,anthem and the state emblem.During these years of Independence much had been done for economic and political life of our country.If you are ready we shall begin our lesson. At first I will ask some questions about our country.

II.Brainstorming. Мозговой штурм.

1.What is your Motherland?

2.What is the capital of our country?

3. Where is Kazakhstan situated?

4.What countries does it border on?

5. What is the size of KZ.? (the area is 2.753 square km)

6. What can you say about the population of our country? (about 16)

7. Who is the head of the state? (the president)

8. When did Kazakhstan become an independent state? (in 1991)

9. What are the symbols of the state? (national flag, emblem and anthem)

10. What does the blue color of the flag symbolize? (freedom, independent)

11. What is represented on the state flag? (sun, falcon, ornament)

12. What kind of state is KZ? (independent, democratic)

13.What is the official language in our country?

III.Активизация лексических навыков:

I want to begin our lesson with the English proverb –There is no place like home.

How do you understand this proverb?

How do you translate it into your native language?» Өзге елде сұлтан болғанша,өз елiңде ұлтан бол»

В гостях хорошо, а дома лучше.

Yes,right you are, there is no place like home.

1.Translate into Russian.

Capital,share,desert,resourses,rename —-

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2.Translate into English.

Родина,столица,граничить,независимый, миролюбивый,щедрый, был основан,патриот,.

1.В декабре 1991 была провозглашена независимость Р.К.

2.Казахстан- миролюбивая страна.

3.Казахстан имеет богатую культуру.

4.Казахстан богат минеральными ресурсами: золото,никель,уран.

3..Complete the sentences.

1. Kazakhstan is ___________ state (an independent)

2. The country is rich with _______ (mineral resources)

3. The landscape of Kazakhstan is ______ (a divers one)

4. The climate of Kazakhstan is __________ (continental)

5. The typical animals of Kazakhstan are ______ (snow leopard, falcon, koulan)

6. A yurt is a _____ home (traditional Kazakh)

7. The Kazakh traditional costumes are ______ (shapan, camisole, kebis, takhia)

8. _________ is an ancient Turkic New Year holiday. (Nauryz)

9. One of the beautiful custom is _____________ (wedding ceremony)

10. Kazakh traditional games are ___________ and ______ (kokpar, kyz kuu)


Kazakhstan is my Motherland.

Comprehension check True False

a.KZ is the second largest country of the former

Soviet Union

b.KZ doesn’share its border with China

c.the country is rich in mineral resourses

d.residents are happy to share hospitality with

their visitors

e.the official language is Kazakh

Role game. Ролевая игра.

Now we will play the game « Polyglot».

I want to know how do you learn the state language of our country?

Answers should be given in 3 languages.

1.Better late than _____.(ешқашан, never,никогда)

2.So many countries,so many ______.(дәстур,customs,традиция)

3.East or West ,______ is best.(home,үй,дом.)

4.Speech is silver but silence is ________.(gold,алтын, золото)

5.Knowledge is ______.( power,қуат, сила)

6.All is well that ends ________( well,жақсы,хорошо.)

Развитие навыков устной речи. Синквейн.



Live, boarder on,develop.

Independent state.

Развитие навыков аудирования.

a.Аудирование текста.

Customs and traditions of Kazakhstan.

Every nation and every country has its own customs and traditions. Kazakh people have many national traditions,which are kept carefully and handed from generation to generation.

What traditional customs of Kazakhs do you know?

Just imagine that you have a foreign friend and he wants to know as much as possible about your country, about our customs and traditions.

One of the most important traditions is Tsau-kesu.What is it?

Now listen to the text about tradition in KZ –Tsau-kesu.

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All traditions are connected with the most important events of people life.

The first step, which makes a child in his or her life, is a great holiday in every Kazakh family. It is called Tsau-kesu. For this holiday it is necessary a cord, consisting of two strings, white and black. Why of two colors?

Because these colors show two different sides of future life.Black color means that a child should be ready to come across some difficulties in life. White color shows the progress in child’s future life. In other words difficulties and successes will be mixed up in his or her life.

This cord is tied around the child’s legs and the most honorable and an experienced man, «aksakal» in Kazakh language has the right to cut the cord with scissors, giving the child an opportunity to make his or her first steps to the beautiful world. Child’s life will be as long as his, and the child would be clever, honorable and lucky as he is.

After this traditional party a holiday party, «Toi» is held.

After listening to the text the students answer the questions to the text.

What is needed for ceremony «tsau-kesu»?

Why a cord should be of two colors?

Where is this cord tied?

Who has a right to cut a cord?

What is usually held after ceremony «tsau-kesu»?

Релакционная пауза.

A minute for relaxation. Close your eyes.Relax your body. Relax your muscles. Bend your head.Take a long breathe.Think about something pleasant,beautiful,funny, or ,maybe, about something tasty.

Which places of interest would you like to visit? Why? Make a list.

I’d like to visit ——- because——-.

Кластер. Каким должен быть гражданин современного Казахстана?








Чем больше в стране будет грамотных , самостоятельных, активных людей ,тем эффективнее будет развиваться экономика, укрепляться демократия, повышаться жизненный уровень людей.

Заключительный этап урока.

Итоги урока.

Домашнее задание.

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