Конспект урока на тему «Ecological Problems»

Коблова Залина Эдуардовна

МБОУ СОШ №2 ст. Архонская

учитель английского языка

Тема урока: «Проблемы экологии»

Ecological Problems

Цель урока: повторение изученного лексического материала по теме «Окружающая среда. Экология».

Задачи урока:

— учить применять лексику по теме «Окружающая среда. Экология» в речи;

— активизировать имеющиеся знания по теме «Окружающая среда»;

— познакомить учащихся с экологическими акциями и организациями мира.

Оборудование: интерактивная доска, компьютер, экран

лозунги ( Nature Is the source of people’s life. Environmental protection concerns everyone. The protection of nature means the protection of our Motherland.)

Воспитательный аспект: повышение интереса к изучению английского языка, воспитание культуры языкового общения, уважительного отношения друг к другу, умение внимательно слушать собеседника.

Языковой материал: слова, речевые образцы, стихи по темам «Окружающая среда», «Экология».

Ход урока

  1. Организационный момент, приветствие.

Постановка цели урока.

(запись на доске)

There is a rule for mankind (человечество):after getting up early,
You should wash yourself, put in order (
в порядок) your home
and then your planet.
А.Cent Eksuperi “Little Prince”)

Просмотр видео «Экологические проблемы» Ecological Problems [HD] (2.46 min) Яндекс видео

Под музыку 4 ученика по очереди читают стихотворения.

1. Walking along feeling free

Feeling the earth here with me

And I love her, she loves me.

I hug the earth, the Earth hugs me.

2. She’s our friend,

We’d like to be forever.

The Earth is a garden.

It’s a beautiful place.

For all living creatures,

For all the human race.

3. Helping Mother Earth

We can peacefully roam.

We all deserves a place

We can call our home.

4. « Oh, Russia, I’m in love with you!» by L. Khusainova

Remember, Russia, you are great

I love you deeply, dear land,

Your hills and rivers, sand on strand

Your songs and dances, lakes and seas

Your beasts and fish and birds in trees.

Your sunrise in a splendid sight

Which gives me always such delight!

2. Речевая разминка

T: Let’s complete the spidergram about ecological problems in big cities. What problems can you name? Обучающиеся называют различные экологические проблемы(traffic jams, air pollution, water pollution, litter, factories, landfills- свалка), преподаватель заполняет спайдерграмму. Затем обучающиеся называют проблемы с порядке возрастания важности (по их личному мнению). 5 min

3. Говорение. Обсуждение проблем экологии. 7 min

Discussing of ecological problems.

If we want to keep the earth clean, we must/mustn’t:

— plant more trees, grass

— build factories on river banks

— feed animals

— cut down trees

— help animals to survive

— pour toxic waste into rivers

— burn (сжигать) toxic waste

— clean rivers and lakes

— use rivers for washing cars

— water the plants

— etc. (your examples)

People have to think about all these ecological problems if they want to survive.

4. Повторение лексики: работа с интерактивной доской (компьютерное приложение к учебнику) 5-7 min

5. Чтение и перевод. Тест. 10 min

How environmentally aware are you?

1. What does your family do with empty bottles?
A) take them to a recycling bin B) return them to the supermarket

C) throw them in the rubbish bin

2. When you buy one or two items at the supermarket, you
A) use your own bag B) reuse an old plastic bag C) take a plastic bag

3. If you were asked to contribute to a Save the Animals project, you would
A) give generously B) give a small amount C) refuse to give anything

4. You eat a chocolate bar in the street. What do you do with the wrapper?
A) save it for recycling B) put it in a litter bin C) drop it on the pavement (

5. When you clean your teeth, you
A) only use one glass of water B) turn the tap (
кран) on only when you need water

C) leave the tap running until you have finished

Every A is 2; every B is 1; every C is 0

If your score is 10-8 you are absolutely aware of clean environment. If everyone were like you there would never be any environmental problems.

If your score is 7-3 you must be more aware but it’s not a bad result.

If your score is 3-0 you need to think a lot about your careless behavior. Will your children have any future?

6. Просмотр видео на тему урока.

Do you know who is M. Jackson?

How we shall see his video for the song about problems of ecology.

Просмотр видеоклипа Майкла Джексона “Earth Song” 7 min

7. Подведение итогов: Well, our lesson is almost over. We’ve spoken about ecology and the importance of keeping the environment clean. Pollution is getting worse and worse. But I’m sure that you’re real friends of our planet. We all must do our best to keep air, water and land clean.

8. Домашнее задание: home task is to write an appeal (воззвание) to people to keep their town clean.

Your marks are the following.

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