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Primary schools in England.

In Great Britain school begins at the age of five. Many boys and girls usually leave school at the age of sixteen.

Schools in England have names, not numbers. They often get names after the place where they are (Green Hill School) or after some famous or important people (St. Mary School)

In England the school year begins in September, but never on Mondays, because English think that Monday is not a good day to start school.

Lessons at primary schools usually begin at nine and finish at four. English children have lessons five days a week. They don’t go to school on Saturday and Sunday.

Pupils at primary schools have a glass of milk or a glass of orange juice at eleven. At half past twelve they usually have lunch. Their lessons are not formal. Children often sit on the carpet on the floor and listen to their teacher .They draw or play games. They often play outdoors. Teachers usually read fairy-tails and stories to them.

At the age of five primary school children go to infant schools where they spend two years till they are seven. Infant pupils sing songs, dance and play a lot, learn how to use money… . Their classes are informal, but they learn how to read, count and write a little too.

At the age of seven they go to junior schools where they spend four years till they are eleven.

Junior schools are real schools The lessons are formal. Pupils sit in rows and have a regular timetable. In junior schools swimming, P.E. and Religion are on the timetable too.

But they spend a lot of time outdoors. They visit different museums. They walk and play a lot.





4.primary school






10.infant school


12.sit in rows

13.regular timetable

14.junior school



С.покидать, оставлять

D.постоянное расписание

E.известный, знаменитый


G.начальная школа

H.сидеть в классе рядами




M.школа для малышей от 5 до 7 лет

O.школа для детей от 7 до 11 лет


Agree or disagree.

1. English children leave school at the age of five.

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2. English school never begins on Mondays.

3. Lessons in primary school usually begin at nine.

4. Lessons usually over at three.

5. English children sometimes have lessons on Saturday.

6. At the age of five children go to infant school.

7. Schools in England have numbers.

8. Infant lessons are formal.

9. Junior schools are real schools.

10. When children are 10 they go to junior school.

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