Тексты на английском языке, предлагаемые для чтения в 6-х классах

Тексты на английском языке, предлагаемые для чтения в 6-х классах

Text 1.

A Cleaver Salesman”

Данный текст предлагается для чтения к разделу 8 “We have a lot in common.”

Mr. Boxell lived at 5 Central Road in a little town in the North of England. He was a tall fair-haired man with dark eyes on his round pleasant face. Mr. Boxell was a salesman.

One Thursday when Tom was in his shop a short man walked in and asked for an expensive pair of shoes. There was something dangerous in the man’s unfriendly eyes. It was Brooks, the burglar. Tom knew that the police wanted him very much. Brooks tried on a few pairs of shoes and then bought the pair which Tom strongly recommended. Brooks thought they were a bit tight but Tom said: “Don’t worry, they’ll stretch, sir.”

The next morning Brooks came into the shop to change his shoes. But when he asked for a different pair of shoes the police arrested him as the policemen were in the shop. They were sure he would come to change his shoes the next day. What a clever salesman Tom Boxell was!

Text 2.

Stone Soup”

K разделу 7 “Living together.”

One day a tramp came to an old women’s house. “Excuse me,” said the tramp. “I’m very hungry. Can you give me something to eat?” But the old women was very mean. “Go away,” she said. “I haven’t got any food.” “Oh,” said the tramp.

That’s a pity. I’ve got a magic stone. I can make soup with it. But I need some water.” “Well, I’ve got a lot of water,” said the mean old women. “A magic stone, eh?” She fetched a big saucepan of water. The tramp put the stone into it. After a while he tested the soup. “Mmm, it’s very good,” he said. “It just needs a bit of salt and pepper.” The old women fetched some salt and pepper. “Mmm, that’s better,” he said. It really needs a few vegetables. It’s a pity you haven’t got any vegetables.” “Oh, I can find some vegetables,” she said. She ran into the garden and brought some potatoes, carrots, beans and big onion. The tramp put the vegetables into the saucepan.

Is it ready now?” asked the women. “Almost,” said the tramp. “it’s really needs a bit of meat. It’s a pity you haven’t got any meat.” ”Oh, I can find some meat,” said the old woman. She ran into the kitchen and came back with some ham and some sausages. The tramp put them into the saucepan.

Right,” said the tramp. “I can’t see the stone anymore. So the soup is ready. Bread is very good with stone soup. It’s a pity you haven’t got any bread.” “Oh, I’ve got a bit of bread,” said the woman. She ran into the kitchen and came back with a lot of bread, some butter and a piece of cake. She put them on the table. The old women tasted the soup. “Mmm, this stone soup is delicious, and you made it just with a magic stone.”

When the tramp left, he said “Here is the magic stone, you can keep it.” “Oh, thank you,” said the old woman. “But remember,” said the tramp, “for the best stone soup you need a bit of meat, few vegetables and a bit of salt and pepper, too.”

Text 3.

Little Apples And Big Apples”

K разделу 7 “Living together.”

Little Ann likes apples. Her mother gives her apples every day. But today she has no apples. Ann goes up to her mother.

Ann: Mummy, I want an apple. Give me an apple, please.

Mother: It is evening now, darling. Apples sleep in the evening. You must go and sleep, too.

Ann: Oh, no, Mummy. Only little apples sleep, big apples do not sleep. Give me a big one, please, Mummy.

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Text 4.

It’s Brunch Time”

K разделу 7 “Living together.”

Americans eat it if they don’t have breakfast and don’t have lunch. They can eat it the garden on Sundays when they have time to relax. They dress elegantly and sometimes they invite their friends.

They have pancakes or French toasts. They also have ham or bacon. Some of them like to eat brunch at restaurants. They start with tomato or orange juice. Then they have bacon and eggs on an English muffin.

Why don’t you make your own brunch? Prepare a buffet with bacon, eggs and tomato sandwiches, salads, cheese and cakes or biscuits. You can drink fruit juice. Milk, tea or coffee. Enjoy yourself!

Text 5.

The Painter and the Doctor”

К разделу 5 “Faces Of London.”

Turner, the great English painter had a dog which he loved very much. One day the dog broke a leg. Turner sent for a doctor. Hi did not want to send for a veterinary, he sent for the best doctor in London.

When the doctor come, Turner said, “Doctor, I am very glad that you have come. My dog has broken a leg. I know that you are too great a doctor for work of this kind, but please do it. It is so important for me.”

The doctor was angry, but did not show it. He did what the painter asked him to do.

Next day the doctor asked Turner to come to his house. “The doctor wants to see me about my dog,” thought Turner. “It must be that.”

When Turner went into the doctor’s house, the doctor said:

Mr.Turner, I am so glad to see you. I want to ask you to paint my door. I know that you are too great a painter for this work, but please do it. It is so important for me.”

Text 6.

London Zoo”

К разделу 6 “Animals In Our Life.”

Many years ago the London Zoo had a young elephant from Africa. The elephant was very small. His name was Jumbo. A man looked after him. His name was Scott. The elephant grew very quickly. Soon he learned to carry people on his back. Children liked to sit on the little benches which he carried on his back. The people of London knew Jumbo and liked him

One day a rich American saw Jumbo. He wanted to buy him and take him to America to show Jumbo in the circus there and to make a lot of money.

He paid the London Zoo two thousand dollars for Jumbo. When the people of London heard about it, they wrote letters and articles to newspapers and organized meeting of protest. They did not want Jumbo to go to America. But nothing helped. Scott began to prepare to go to America with Jumbo to look after him there.

When the elephant came out of the Zoo, he lay down in the street and did not want to get up. Many times Scott told him to get up. When at last he got up, they began to walk to the port of London. Many people stood in the street and watched. There were meetings of protest in the streets, squares and at the Port. The people wanted Jumbo to stay in the London Zoo.

But Jumbo and Scott went to America on a ship. In America Jumbo was a circus elephant. He learned to carry things from one place to another and he danced. The American also liked Jumbo.

Text 7.

The Cat”

К разделу 6 “Animals In Our Life.”

Our cats were first timed in Egypt.

There _________ many kinds of cats: white cats, black cats, _________ cats, red cats; cats with long tails, cats ______ bushy tails, cats with no tails at all. _______ are clean and pretty. They are very wise, _______ can find their way anywhere. You can make ______ friends with cats, but they are not so ______ as dogs. They are more shy and independent. ________ cat has a nice coat. It is made ______ fur, and the fur is very thick and ______. The cat’s feet have sharp claws. It can ______ them in, then its paws are soft. The _____ eyes are green and yellow. It can see ______ the dark and in the light. The light ______ the day is too strong for its eyes, ______ it often shuts them. But at night, when _____ is only a little light, it opens its ______ very wide. When the cat is happy, it ______. It says, “Purr, purr.”

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Key: are, grey, with, cats, and, great, loving, the, of, warm, pull, cat’s, in, of, and, there, eyes, sings (if students used a word different from what the key is giving, but suitable for the context, it shouldn’t be considered a mistake).

Текст 8. Малые жанры устного народного творчества.

1). Hush-a-bye, baby,

On the tree top.

When the wind blows,

The cradle will rock,

The cradle will fall,

And down will come baby,

Cradle and all.

2). Baa, baa, black sheep,

Have you any wool?

Yes, sir, yes, sir

Three bags full.

One for the master,

One for the dame and one for the little boy

Who lives down the lane.

3). «Little Miss Muffet»

Little Miss Muffet

Sat on a tuffet,

Eating her curds and whey.

Along came a spider, and sat down beside her,

And frightened Miss Muffet away.


Little Miss Muffet is a girl in a traditional nursery rhyme. Miss Muffet, it is said, was the daughter of Dr. Thomas Muffet, a famous 16th century scientist who studied insects. )

4). «Little Jack Horner»

Little Jack Horner

Sat in a corner,

Eating a Christmas pie;

He put in his thumb

And pulled out a plum,

And said, what a good boy am-I!


Little Jack Horner is a boy in a traditional nursery rhyme. The poem may refer to a man called Jack Horner who was a servant of King Henry VIII).

Henry VIII (1491-1547) – the most famous English King (1509-1547). He was cruel and wasteful with money. The most well-known fact about Henry VIII is that he had six wives. His first wife, Catherine of Aragon, failed to bear him a son, but the Pope would not allow him to divorce her. As a result, the Church of England broke away from the Roman Catholic сhurch, and Henry married Anne Boleyn. She was later found guilty of adultery and Henri had her head cut off. His other wives were Jane Seymour, who died whale giving birth to a child, Annу of Cleves, who Henry divorced, Catherine Howard, who was executed, and Catherine Parr, who lived on after Henry’s death. Henry encouraged leaning and allowed the Bible to be printed in English. Under Henry England became richer and more powerful.

Приложение 2

Фрагмент урока по обучению изучающему чтению в 6-м классе средней школы.

Тема: «Известные люди»

(по учебному комплекту М.З Биболетовой и др. «Enjoy English-3») .

Unit 5 “Faces Of London”

Section 2 “Talking About The Famous”

Цели урока: активизация лексических навыков по теме «Известные люди»; совершенствование навыков чтения вслух, тренировка навыков перевода.

Оборудование: портреты известных людей.

Ход фрагмента.

I. Организационный момент

Good Afternoon, boys and girls. I’m glad to meet you. How are you today?

Let’s start the lesson now. Today we shall have a talk about famous people of Great Britain and America.

II. Речевая разминка

I’d like to ask you a question.

  • What famous people in Russia do you know?

  • Who can add? Do you know any Russian painters?

  • Who was a first Russian cosmonaut?

  • Are you proud of the Russian famous people?

III. Фонетическая отработка новых слов по теме «Известные люди»

Let’s talk about the Famous. I have written their names on the blackboard. Can you read them?

Запись на доске: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie, Charlie Chaplin, John Lennon, Daniel Defoe, Mark Twain, William Shakespeare, Joseph Turner.

Учитель вывешивает на доске портреты известных людей и привлекает внимание детей к словам на доске (имена и фамилии с транскрипцией). Ученики читают слова самостоятельно и повторяют их за учителем, хором и в парах.

IV. Закрепление введенной лексики в устной речи

  • Have you ever heard the names of these famous people? Will you open the books, page 86, exercise 25? Say what these people are famous for. You may need the words: songs, poems, films, pictures, stories about Sherlock Holmes, plays, detective stories.

Example: Agatha Christie is famous for her detective stories.

Для выполнения данного упражнения используются портреты знаменитостей.

V. Совершенствование техники чтения вслух.

— It’s time to read the text about Daniel Defoe and his famous book “The life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe”. You will read the text and find answers to the questions:

a) When did Daniel Defoe write his most famous novel?

b) Was the story based on real adventures?

c) What is the title of the book?


Daniel Defoe (1660-1731) was a famous English writer of the eighteenth century. He wrote his world famous novel “The life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe” when he was nearly 60 years old.

The story of Robinson Crusoe was based on the real adventures of a sailor called Alexander Selkirk, who has lived alone for four years on a desert island. The book, however, also contains a lot of incidents from the author imagination.

When the book was published in 1719, it immediately became popular. Defoe made his story so realistic that everyone believed it.

Defoe didn’t write his book for children. But every child now knows “Robinson Crusoe”, how he learned to catch goats and to make pots, how he made an umbrella and had hundreds of adventures.

Daniel Defoe wrote many other books, but for “Robinson Crusoe” he is called “the father of English prose”.

Ученики читают текст и отвечают на вопросы задания перед текстом.

VI. Контроль понимания содержания прочитанного текста.

I want to find out if you understand the text well.

Decide whether the following sentences are true or false.

1) D.Defoe wrote his novels in the 19th century.

2) D.Defoe wrote his novels about R.Crusoe when he was 30.

3) The story of R.Crusoe is the author’s imagination.

4) The novel wasn’t popular in the 18th century, it became popular later.

5) D.Defoe didn’t write his book for children.

6) D.Defoe is called “the father of English prose” for his detective stories.

VII. Активизация лексических навыков и навыков перевода

  • Let’s return to the next text about Daniel Defoe and his famous book. Read the word combinations and give their equivalents. Find the sentences in the text whith these word combinations and translate them from Russian into English.

Восемнадцатый век, известный во всем мире роман, удивительные приключения, жить одному, остров, много фантазии, была опубликована, стала популярной, поверили, изобрел зонт.

VIII. Have you read the novel “Robinson Crusoe”? Say a few words about this novel and include the following information:

  1. the author

  2. the main character, his traits (его черты характера)

  3. the novel

  4. five adjectives to describe the novel

Ученики зачитывают словосочетания на русском языке, дают их английский эквивалент, а затем находят в тексте предложения с данными речевыми структурами, зачитывают их и переводят.


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