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«Do you know Great Britain

Составитель: Аржакова Наталья Нохавна

учитель английского языка

МОБУ СОШ №21 г.Якутска

The Royal Wedding. Prince William and K… … (2 points)

This celebrity is from England, but now she lives in Moscow.

N… … (2 points)

An old tradition of Englishmen with a proper teapot.

A… … (2 points)

It is an ancient stone circle on Salisbury Plain.

S… (3 points)

The castle William the Conqueror built after he defeated King Harold at the Battle of Hastings.

The T… … … (3 points)

This city has soul-and music. If you love Beatles and their music, come here to explore!

L… (3 points)

Famous for its university, wonderful college buildings, Alice in Wonderland and Tolkien. O… (4 points)

It was the main dish for an old English Christmas dinner. Beef was covered with dough and baked in an oven.

B… … (4 points)

England’s longest river. It goes from Shropshire in the north all the way down to Bristol in the south.

The River S… (3 points)

The marriage that changed England several centuries ago.

H… … and A… … (5 points)

Who was the last king of England?

W… … … …. (5 points)

Scotland’s national bard.

R … … (3 points)

Your question

(4 – 5 points)

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