Открытый урок «Рождество» 3 класс


проведен в 3-3 классе 19.12.2011

учитель Виноградова А.П.


  • Познавательные: познакомить учащихся с национальным праздником «Рождество», его традициями и особенностями.

  • Воспитательные: воспитывать у учащихся чувство уважения к национальным традициям и праздникам.

  • Учебные: обучение монологическому высказыванию на основе ранее изученного материала

Оснащение: слайдпрезентация приложение 1

Music «Driving home for Christmas».

Слайд 1, приложение 1.

— T: Dear children and guests! On the 25th of December people celebrate Christmas, one of the most beautiful holidays. Now we are going to speak about Christmas too. Christmas is a holiday, which is loved by children and grown – ups. It is a holiday when everything is decorated with lights and toys, when we see Christmas trees everywhere, when people buy presents and cook special food, send cards and have parties. And we are going to celebrate this holiday now. Today you’ll listen to a lot of interesting things about Christmas. We’ll sing songs and guess riddles and act a play «Сinderella».

Let’s begin our holiday with Christmas ABC

Do you know Christmas ABC? Слайд 2, приложение 1.

M for the Music, merry and clear;
E for the Eve, the crown of the year;
R for the Romping of bright girls and boys;
R for the Reindeer that bring them the toys;
Y for the Yule log softly aglow.

C for the Cold of the sky and the snow;
H for the Hearth where they hang up the hose;
R for the Reel which the old folks propose;
I for the Icicles seen through the pane;
S for the Sleigh bells, with tinkling refrain;
T for the Tree with gifts all abloom;
M for the Mistletoe hung in the room;
A for the Anthems we all love to hear;
S for St. Nicholas – joy of the year!


— P1 What do you know about Christmas? Listen to the text and answer the questions.

On the 25th of December English children celebrate Christmas. Christmas is their favourite holiday. This holiday is celebrated at home. Santa Claus with white bear and red suit comes into the house at night and leaves gifts for children.

— P2 On Christmas all people receive and send Christmas cards. Every family has Christmas tree. They put the tree in the room and decorate it and the house . Then they prepare Christmas Dinner. For dinner they have a stuffed turkey or boiled ham, mashed potatoes, pudding, tea and coffee.

P1 Now answer the questions.

— P2 What is Christmas ?

— P1 Where do English people celebrate it?

— P2 When is Christmas celebrated?

— P1 How do people congratulate each other?

— P2 How do English families prepare for Christmas?

— P1 What does Christmas dinner consist of?


P1 Do you know Christmas worlds? Слайд 3, приложение 1.

Look at these words. Look at these pictures. Match the words with their pictures.

Read them. We need 2 students.

Santa Claus
Christmas tree
(Thank you)



Christmas card
Christmas stocking

T. Dear children . Look at the screen. What is it?

— P2 On Christmas people bring a tree and decorate it with lights and ornaments. The most popular of all Christmas evergreens is the fir-tree. People in England used to grow many kinds of trees in pots for indoor decoration at Christmas. Christmas tree came to us from Germany. The idea of bringing the fir-tree indoors at Christmas is said to have come from Martin Luther, a German religious reformer, who lived in the 16th century. The trees were decorated with paper, metal foil, and lights. About in 1835 the first Christmas tree was decorated. A few years later in England Queen Victoria decorated a tree at Windsor Castle.

— P2 Now look at the groups of the words. Which word doesn’t go with the others. Find them, please. We need 4 pupils. Слайд 5, приложение 1.

1. turkey



2 sleigh
Santa Claus
Christmas tree



3. Christmas pudding




— P1 Christmas begins with Christmas cards. Слайд 6, приложение 1.

The families prepare Christmas Cards to their relatives and friends.

The first Christmas card appeared in 1843, Sir Henry Cole invented it. One side of the card was a short greeting, and another – a nice picture. Soon these cards became very popular.

— P2. The main person of Christmas is Santa Claus. Слайд 7, приложение 1.

There is another name for Father Christmas in Britain –Santa Claus. That comes from the European name for him – Saint Nicholas. In the traditional story he lives at the North Pole. But now he lives in big shops in towns and cities all over Britain. That”s where children see him in November and December. Then on Chistmas Eve he visits every house. He climbs down the chimney and leaves lots of presents.

Song “Jingle Bells”

Слайд 8, приложение 1.

Dashing through the snow
In a one – horse open sleigh
Over the hills we go
Laughing all the way
Bells on bob-tail ring
Making spirits bright
What fun is to ride and sing
A sleighing song tonight.
Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one – horse open sleight.

P. In Britain the most important meal on December 25th is Christmas Dinner. Nearly all Christmas food is traditional, but a lot of traditions are not very old. For example, there were no turkeys in Britain before 1800. And even in the nineteenth century, goose was the traditional meat at Christmas. But not now. A twentieth century British Christmas dinner is roast turkey with carrots, potatoes, peas. There are sausages and bacon too. Then, after the turkey, there”s Christmas pudding.

— P 1. You have just listened to a lot about Christmas , and now let’s make a small competition

Who knows more about Christmas”. The winner will get a prize.

  1. It’s a holiday, which is celebrated on the 25-th of December. (Christmas.)

  2. It is an old man, who comes from the North Pole on his sledge and brings presents for everybody. (Santa Claus.)

  3. It is decorated with lights and toys and tinsel and is in all houses and squares. (Christmas tree.)

  4. It is a thing which is very dear to children at Christmas, as they find presents in it in the morning. (Stocking.)

  5. Christmas song. What is it’s name? (Carol.)

  6. What are the Christmas sweets? (Candies.)

  7. It is a traditional food, which people cook for Christmas party (turkey, pudding).

Teacher: Everything that happens at Christmas time seems fantastic and unreal.

Dear parents we”ll show you a very nice fairy – tale «Cinderella» .

A fairy –tale “Cinderella”



IMG_5214.JPGИспользуемая литература:

  1. «English for Children» № 22 1994г, № 23-24 1996г.

  2. «English» Приложение к газете «Первое сентября» № 2,5,6 1994г, № 47 1995г, № 46 1999г, № 23 2005г, № 1, 23 2007г.

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