Конспект урока для 5 класса «Learning more about each other»

Learning more about each other.

Узнаем больше друг о друге. 5 класс.

Цели урока:1) актуализация лексических навыков по теме «Узнаём больше друг о друге» (черты характера, описание семьи, увлечения, профессии);

2) совершенствование навыков устной речи (монолог, диалог) по

данной теме;

3) развитие навыков чтения; задания на догадку, мышления;

4) воспитание интереса учащихся к изучению

английского языка;

5) воспитание уважения к семье.

Оборудование: компьютер, наглядный материал (фото Линды, письмо), проектор, УМК Биболетовой М.З. ,раздаточный материал – приложения 1, 2, 3, проект «Our hobby» на ватмане.

Ход урока:

  1. Организационный момент. (Приветствие)

Слайд 1.

— Children! We have a letter from Linda.

— Do you know Linda? Yes, we do.

— Who is Linda? — She is a student.

-Where does she study? –She studies at the British Local State School.

  1. Фонетическая зарядка. Слайд 2.

— She sent us a lot of task. (в конверте задания для детей: лото, загадки, текст о семье)

— At first, remember English sounds and words.

[ei] – main, creative;

[s] — sportsman, nurse;

[v] — very, clever, loving, talkative;

[p] — polite, typical,

[əu]- know, close, go, sociable;

[n] — naughty, independent, unfriendly, non – athletic;

[r] — rude, friendly, responsible;

  1. Речевая зарядка.

    • Children! Linda wants to know about you and your family.

    • Let’s answer some Linda’s questions. Yes, of course.

1. What is your hobby?

2. Have you got a lot of friends?

3. Do you play any musical instrument?

4. Is your family big or small?

5. What is your family like?

6. What does your mother do?

7. What does your father do?

8. What are your main characteristics?

9. Have you got any brothers or sisters?

10. What foreign languages do you speak?

11. Do you get on well with your sister/ brother?

    • Oh! I see you have answered Linda’s questions.

  1. Основная часть. Слайд 3. Приложение 1.

— Linda sent us the game:

1. — So let’s play ‘LOTO’.

Useful, cooking, conservative, hobby, hospitable, engineer, lazy, strong, traditional, close, writing, warm, sociable, nurse, driver.

(полезный, готовить, консервативный, хобби, гостеприимный, инженер, ленивый, сильный, традиционный, близкий, сочинительство, тёплый, общительный, медсестра, водитель)

(учитель читает слова, дети зачёркивают услышанное слово, затем читают слова, которые остались)

-What words have I missed? (Games, funny, rude, reading, dancing).

— The next task from Linda:

2. Read and translate the following words:

Brave, clever, polite, kind, shy, friendly, unfriendly, naughty, noisy, independent, serious, rude, sociable, intelligent, creative, loving, talkative, understanding, cruel, stupid, curious

Слайд 4.

3. Монологическая речь.

Слайды 5-6.

Now, we have some photos of Linda’s friends.

— Look at them and try to describe their character.

— I think, …


4. And what about you? What kind of person are you? What are your main characteristics?

    • I think, I am …

5. What do you know about Linda’s family? Слайд 7.

(Монолог о семье Линды рассказывает 1ученик)

  1. Now, let’s tell Linda about your families.

(Презентации двух учеников о своих семьях).

Have you got questions for them? Дети задают вопросы


8. Физкультминутка.

Hands up! Clap, clap.

Hands on the hips! Step! Step!

Bend your left,

Bend your right,

Turn yourself around.

Hands up! Hands down!

Hands at sides and sit down!

9. Do you know any poems about family?

Recite the poems about family (3 ученика). Слайд 8. (пустой)

(Дети рассказывают стихи о семье из учебника Биболетовой)

10. Answer these questions from Linda (слайд 9):

  1. What hobbies do you know?

  2. What hobbies are popular in your family?

  3. And what do you like doing in your free time?

  4. Is a hobby important for you?

  5. Why is a hobby important in people’s life?

  6. What hobbies are popular in our group?

Our girls prepared the project «Our hobby». Защита проекта.

  1. Now look at the board, listen to me and try to guess what these hobbies are: Слайд 9.

  1. This hobby is popular among the people all ages. People like to go to the stadium or to the sports ground. The hobby helps them to be healthy.

  1. People like to make new dishes. They often cook for family and for their friends.

  1. People like to go to the library. Some of them have a good collection of books at home. They can have different books. The hobby helps them to learn the world.

  1. This hobby is for lazy people who don’t want to work.

(Sports, cooking, reading, watching TV)

  1. Now give your views about different hobbies. Слайд 10.

  1. Linda wants us to guess some riddles. Read riddles and guess what job it is. (Использовать картинки с профессиями на доске) Слайд 11. Приложение 2.

1) My dad builds houses, schools, hospitals and other buildings. He works as a…

2)…………. is a person who sings songs and can be popular.

3) They help sick people in the hospital. They work as……………….

4) At present there are many people who work with computers. Some of them write their own programmers. They are……………

5) Would you like to be a………? If so, you have to learn a lot of laws and know about social problems.

6) You can see many pupils at school. ……………teach them.

7) … is a person who gives us the books.

8) When you have problem with your teeth, you must see a … .

-Say what characteristics are necessary for these jobs. Слайд 12.

Example, I think a teacher should be………

  1. Reading for comprehension. (приложение 3)

My family.

My name is Polly. I am eleven. I am a schoolgirl. I go to school. I like learning English. My hobby is playing the piano.

My family is not big. There are four of us in our family: mother, father, my brother and me.

My father is a 40. He is tall. He has got black hair and grey eyes. He is an engineer. By character he is responsible. His hobby is reading books.

My mother is a teacher of music and can play the piano very well. She is kind and sociable. She always has a lot of work to do about the house and school. She is a busy woman and we all help her. Her hobby is listening to music.

My brother is a student. He is 20. He is clever and independent. His hobby is playing computer games.

Our family is very close. We like to spend time together. In the evening we watch TV, read books and listen to music.

  1. Вопросы по тексту.

          1. Who is Polly?

          2. What is your hobby?

          3. Is your family big?

          4. Has she got a sister?

          5. What does your father do?

          6. Is he responsible?

          7. Can her mother play the piano?

          8. Is her hobby sport?

          9. Has she got a brother?

          10. What do they do together?

Слайд 13.

  1. Итог урока.

We worked very well today. You know more about family, hobbies, and jobs. Thank you for the lesson. Well done.

Your home task is to write the letter to Linda about your family.

        1. Приложение:

  1. Презентация к уроку. Слайды 1 — 13.

  2. Презентации о семье, 2 ученика.

  3. Проект «Our hobby».

  4. Лото (листок с игрой у каждого ученика). Приложение 1.

  5. Загадки о профессиях. Приложение 2.

  6. Текст «My family» (листок с текстом у каждого ученика). Приложение 3.


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