Конспект урока на тему «Holidays in Great Britain»

«Holidays in Great Britain»

1.-Неllo, boys and girls| -Hello, teacher

-I’m glad to see you |- We are, glad to see you, too.

-Sit down, please

2. Today we are going to speak about one of the most wonderful thing in the world.

-Well, try to guess, what is it?

Riddle: What day?

Guest we meet

first we greet

to something sweet

Ответ: it is a holiday

3.Look at the screen

-What symbols can you see on the pictures? Name them

-What do you think about the topic of our lesson? «British holidays»

-What British holidays do you know?

4.-Children, a group of tourists came to us.

— Say them Hello.

-The tourists need to choose only one holiday.

-Tell about your holiday so, that they would take part in it.

5.-What do we need to remember and tell about holidays

-to remember date of holidays

— to remember symbols of holidays

-to remember presents for holidays

to tell about traditional holidays

6.Pupils, let’s remember some words about holiday!

— уч-ся называют словосочетания

7.Активизация лексики в устной речи:

Now l offer you to finish my sentences:

на слайде предложения необходимо продолжить

8.When are the holidays celebrated?

-уч-ся со слайдов называют даты праздников

9.Аудирование -Now listen to the conversation and make the test.

-Look at the screen and check up

-Children, who answered correctly on question №1 (учся зачитывает вопрос и ответ, другой ученик переводит) и так все 4 вопроса (Kate, read please/ Alex translate please)

10.Физ. минутка(Now is action time)(главную презентацию свернуть)

11.Работа с ноутбуками

-Open your notebooks.

задача перед работай в группе(You should discuss, make a test and tell about your holiday).

— Let’s check up, begin please

-Come to the screen and tell about it.

-Listen about their holiday and ask a question to the group.


Каждая группа отчитывается:(опять главная презентация и проверяет)

1)Зачитывает заполненную таблицу

(Any mistakes?No)

2)Рассказ о своем празднике

12. There many Russian holidays.

-What holiday will be in Russia soon?

на слайде только картинки о масленице

-Children, who wants to ask our tourists about Pancakeday?

дети задают вопросы

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13.Рефлексия. Look at the screen

you know date and symbols of British holidays

you know traditional food of British holidays

you can tell about British traditions

—— I did everything

—— I didn’t everything

—— I have some difficulties

14.Уч-ся получают распечатки и крепят цветные полоски напротив утверждений. После этого учитель оценивает учся


Open your diaries and write down your homework

16.Did you like our lesson?-Yes, i did

The lesson is over.-Good-bye.

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